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An old video is being shared linking it to the ongoing Farmers’ Protest


In light of farmers planning to resume their protest in Delhi, a viral video showing several tractors traversing water bodies is being shared with the claim that it depicts farmers reaching the protest site despite the government sealing borders with nails and barricades. This article aims to fact-check the assertion made in the post.

An archived version of a similar post can be viewed here.

Claim: A video showing tractors crossing water bodies to reach the farmers protest site.

Fact: The video surfaced on the internet long before the onset of the ongoing protest. Although the government is blocking protesters from entering Delhi, this video has nothing to do with the ongoing protest. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

After about two years since they concluded their large-scale protest in Delhi, farmers have reinitiated their protest in Delhi with a fresh set of demands, including guaranteed minimum support price, debt waiver, and justice for those responsible for past violence against them.

Farmers launched the ‘Delhi Chalo’ protest as thousands from across India began to enter the capital. The government attempted to prevent the protesting farmers from entering Delhi by implementing security measures such as sealing the borders, deploying barricades, and suspending internet services in several districts. It is against this backdrop that the viral video is being circulated, suggesting that farmers have discovered a new method to access the protest site.

However, this viral video is unrelated to the ongoing protest; it is an old video. Upon conducting a reverse image search of the video screenshots, we discovered a YouTube video with identical visuals uploaded on 17 January 2024, well before the start of the current protest.

While we could not independently verify the context surrounding this video, its existence on the internet indicates that it is unrelated to the current protest.

To sum it up, an old video is being shared asserting that it depicts farmers reaching the protest site.


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