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An old video from Bangladesh is being circulated in India with a communal narrative


On Facebook, many users are posting a video of a man being attacked by a Muslim mob and are alleging that this incident has taken place in India and that the man who is beaten by Muslims is a Hindu. Let’s try to analyze the claims made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim: Video of Hindu man from India being attacked by Muslim mob.

Fact: The video is from an incident that took place in Bangladesh in 2017. And also, it is not related to any mob lynching activity. Hence, the claims made in the post stands FALSE. 

When the video in the post is run through InVid plugin, several keyframes of it are obtained. On using these keyframes in Google Reverse Image Search, a certain keyframe shows the same video uploaded by a user on YouTube.

When Googled with the information available in the description of this video, several newspaper articles about the incident were found. This incident has taken place near Gomti Bridge in Gouripur Bazar of Upazila in Bangladesh. The man being beaten by the mob was Abu Sayyed, an accused in the murder case of a Union Parishad Chairman Monir Hossain Sarkar. Monir Hossain, an Awami League leader was murdered by Abu Sayyed along with Mohammed Ali in Comilla of Bangladesh in 2016.

To summarize, an old video from Bangladesh is being circulated in India with a communal claim.

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