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An old image of an answer sheet with currency notes is being used to spread a false narrative


A widely shared post on social media claims that a Bihar student has put 500 rupees in his chemistry answer sheet to bribe the evaluator. Let’s fact-check the claim.

Claim: Image of Rs. 500 bribe offered to an evaluator by a Bihar student to make him pass the chemistry examination.

Fact: The photo in the post showing the currency notes and the answer sheet is of a 2018 incident that happened in Uttar Pradesh. Hence the claim made in the post is MISLEADING.

A reverse image search of the photo on the internet led us to a Hindustan Times article reporting the incidents that happened in Uttar Pradesh Board exams in 2018.

Reportedly, students kept currency notes in their answer sheets requesting the evaluators to pass them. Many media organisations have reported these incident back then. These articles can be read here, here, here and here.

When we searched to check if any such incidents took place recently in a High School in Bihar as the post claims, no such reports were found.

To sum it up, an old image of an incident in Uttar Pradesh is being shared as Bihar student bribing his examination evaluator.


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