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An old and unrelated video is being shared as visuals of the Delhi Chalo farmers’ march.


A video showcasing a massive crowd gathering is going viral on social media, accompanied by a claim that it’s from the Delhi Chalo farmers’ protest. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article. 

Claim: Visuals of a huge gathering captured at the Delhi Chalo protest. 

Fact: This video is available on the internet way before the Delhi Chalo protest began on 13 February 2024. Hence, there’s no possible connection between the video and the Delhi Chalo protest. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

To verify the claim, we initiated a reverse image search online, leading us to an Instagram post from 29 January 2024. This post contained a high-quality version of the viral video with a caption in Punjabi. Translated to English, it only said ‘Punjab’ and didn’t provide any additional information about the video. 

Since the upload date is much before the start of the Delhi Chalo initiated by the farmers on 13 February 2024 (here and here), it’s clear that the video has no association with the Delhi Chalo farmers’ protest.

During our search, we also found similar videos (here, here and here) displaying a large crowd of people rallying to support YouTuber Bhana Sidhu (here and here). 

These visuals had few elements in common with the viral video, which can be observed in the following collage:

While we couldn’t independently verify the exact details of the viral video, its existence before the Delhi Chalo protest proves that it is not from the farmers’ protest.

To sum up, an unrelated and older video is being inaccurately portrayed as visuals from the Delhi Chalo farmers’ protest.


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