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An old 2018 video featuring edited audio of the Congress leader Kamal Nath is shared with false claims


A video with a claim that Congress leader Kamal Nath held a secret meeting with Muslims where he said “First, understand that this thing should not go beyond here. We are most worried and concerned about you. That’s why Congress wants you Muslim brothers to support us and, in the future, we will make decisions in your Favour. I assure you that we will get you the place of your mosque and article 370 shall also be taken care of.” Is being shared on social media. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Kamal Nath conducted a secret meeting with Muslims during which he stated that Congress would prioritize decisions favouring the Muslim community in exchange for their support.

Fact: This video is from the past and shows a digitally morphed audio of Kamal Nath during a meeting with Muslims before the elections in 2018. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

After performing a reverse image search using the keyframes from the video, we discovered that this video has been uploaded on various platforms, including YouTube and Twitter, even by news channels (here and here).

We found that the audio in the video has been manipulated, with unrelated words. In the unaltered original video, Kamal Nath expressed the following, ‘We have information about what the RSS workers are doing, since Chindwada is very close to Nagpur, the RSS workers of Nagpur can easily contact the people of Chindwada. These activists have only one slogan – if you want to vote for Hindus, vote for Hindu Share Modi, if you want to vote for Muslims, vote for Congress. This is a tactic to motivate people, bear with it till the elections, then we will deal with them.

This specific video has been circulating with various misleading and false claims since 2018. Kamal Nath provided clarification about his intentions about his speech back in 2018 (here and here). Earlier, Factly debunked a similar claim (here).

To sum up, an old video featuring edited audio of the Congress leader Kamal Nath is shared with false claims.


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