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A video of a man bragging about killing his wife is falsely shared with a love jihad narrative


A video of a man confessing to the murder of his wife is widely circulated on social media. The video is being shared with a love-jihad narrative claiming that the man in the video is a Muslim and his murdered wife is Hindu. Further in the video, the man claims that he killed his wife for the love of Islam. Through this article let’s fact-check the claim made in the post.

Claim: Visuals of a Muslim man confessing to killing his Hindu wife.

Fact: There is no love jihad angle in this incident. Both the husband and wife are born Muslims. FIR details and the parents of the deceased confirmed the same. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

The man in the viral video had indeed killed his wife. However, there is no love jihad angle in the incident, as both belong to the Muslim community.

The interviewer in the viral video uses a mike that carries the logo ‘Insaaf 24’. Taking a cue from this, a search on YouTube with relevant keywords yielded the longer version of this interview.

In this interview, the man identifies himself as Mehbub, and he murdered his wife for the love of God and would kill anyone who comes in his way. Further, he mentions that his place falls under the jurisdiction of Bangra Police Station. However, nowhere in this interview, he mentions that his wife is Hindu.

Taking a cue from the details shared in the interview, a search on the Bihar Police website yielded the FIR report of the incident. As per the details mentioned in the FIR, the name of the deceased is ‘Yasmeen Khatum’ and the FIR is filed based on the complaint of the deceased’ father, named ‘Abdul Gaffar’.

Going by the names of the deceased and her father, it clearly indicates that she is not a Hindu, but Muslim.

Further, after the video of the accused bragging about killing his wife went viral with a love-jihad narrative, the same YouTube channel interviewed the family of the deceased to confirm that the victim is a born Muslim. In this interview, the parents of the deceased woman categorically denied the viral claims.

To sum it up, a Video of a man bragging about killing his wife is shared with a false love jihad narrative.


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