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A scripted fight choreography video is falsely shared as a real video of three French paramilitary women personnel facing off molesters


A video circulating on social media is being shared with a claim that three French paramilitary women are seen beating men teasing them in an underground tunnel. The post also claims that the men are migrants. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: This video shows three French paramilitary women facing off with molesters who are migrants.

Fact: The video is a choreographed stunt featuring professional trainees at the Campus Univers Cascades, a stunt training centre in France. Hence, the claim is false.

Conducting a reverse image search on keyframes from the viral video led us to a TikTok video by “thedvrko,” a user known for posting fight/action stunt videos. 

The hoodie with a logo reading CUC (Campus Univers Cascades) seen in the viral video matched that of this man’s hoodie, which carried a similar logo in the TikTok video.

Further search led to an Instagram account, “karinasoreelli,” featuring a stunt rehearsal video, which, according to her, is from the CUC stunt training camp. A further search led us to CUC’s (Campus Univers Cascades) Instagram page, where they posted the original video on 02 November 2023.

According to their website, Campus `Univers Cascades is a professional stunt training centre in France. In a communication with the Spanish news website newtral.es, they emphasised that everything in this video was choreographed for an illusion of reality.

To sum up, the viral video falsely claims that the video shows a real incident involving French paramilitary women and migrant miscreants. Instead, it is a choreographed stunt performed by trainees at the Campus Univers Cascades, a stunt training centre. 


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