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A clip of the video game ‘Spintires: MudRunner’ is shared as real visuals of a truck driver crossing a difficult pass


A video of a heavy truck crossing a canal is being shared on social media through a post. The post’s description showers praise towards the drivers’ skill in crossing a hard pass and the progress in our infrastructure. Let’s fact-check this video through this article.

Claim: A video in which a driver skilfully crosses a difficult pass over a makeshift bridge.

Fact: The viral video clip is from a gameplay video of the video game ‘Spintires: MudRunner,‘ uploaded to Facebook by a gaming video creator named Jim Natelo. Jim uploads gameplay videos of various video games on his Facebook page. Hence the claim made in the post is False.

We ran the viral clip through the InVID tool, which fetched a few video keyframes. Using those keyframes, we performed a reverse image search to know the details behind the video. This search led us to the Facebook page of a ‘Gaming video creator‘ named Jim Natelo, on which we found a video same as the viral clip.

Jim uploaded this video on this page on 22 March 2023 titled ‘emergency bridge technology is very helpful when in a situation like this.’ Jim has around 719K followers on Facebook, and he uploads gameplay videos of various games on his page. This video of a truck crossing a canal on an emergency bridge is a gameplay clip of the video game called ‘Spintires: MudRunner,‘ and he uploaded this to a playlist on his page known as Driving Sills. Spintires is an off-road truck-driving simulation game. When one user commented on Jim’s video that it looked like a game, Jim replied by saying, ‘Yes, Sir.’. Jim also uploads some of his gameplay clips on his Instagram page, which can be seen here and here

To sum up, gameplay footage of a ‘gaming video creator’ is falsely shared as real footage of a driver skilfully crossing a difficult path.


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