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A clipped prank video is shared with a false narrative of man urinating in Sweets container


A video is being shared on social media, claiming to be visuals of a man allegedly urinating in a pot containing sweets. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: Video of a man urinating into a pot full of sweets.

Fact: The video posted on social media is a clipped version of a lengthier video of a prank. In the original longer version, the man is seen carrying a bottle in his hand near his pelvic region. He is pouring some liquid into the container of sweets from that bottle. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

Upon performing a basic keyword search on the internet, we found a video on YouTube uploaded by ‘The Shadab Word News.’ The host of this video shows the same video as the viral post and debunks it by showing an original extended version of the clip shared through the viral post.

We found the Instagram handle (ashiq.billota) from the original video clip shown in this video. This user has around 354K followers on Instagram. Uploaded six days ago, in this prank video, the man urinating in the potful of sweets can be seen holding a bottle near his pelvic region. This is the extended version of the video shared through the viral post in which the parts where the bottle appears have been carefully removed. With this, we can conclude that a clipped version of the prank video is shared to support the false narrative of a man urinating in a sweet container.

To sum it up, a clipped prank video is shared to spread a false narrative that a man is urinating in a sweet container.


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