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Are you buying Agricultural Land? Here is your 9 point check list


Buying a property is fraught with many risks these days. From encroachments to disputes to forgery, the issues are multifold. Hence it is important that one is aware of all the documents to be checked and all the issues to be cognizant of. Here is a check list for anyone planning to buy agricultural land in the States of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. Similar land documents exist in every state albeit with different names.


When you buying agricultural land in Telangana or AP,

  1. Know the land address: Find out the exact extent, survey number and boundaries of the land that you are intending to buy and the revenue village in which it is located. It is important to ascertain whether the details of the land shown on the paper and the land on ground are the same. Village map, Tippan/FMB and Pahani/Adangal will help in knowing these details. Also, it’s helpful to get the land surveyed before proceeding to purchase.
  1. Classification of the land: Law prohibits purchase of certain categories of land. Find out whether the land which you are intending to buy falls under any of the prohibited categories. Government lands, lands assigned to the landless poor by government and forest land are the few categories of land which can’t be purchased. Only tribal can purchase land in Scheduled Areas (Tribal areas). The classification of the land can be ascertained from Setwar/RSR, Pahani/Adangal, IB register, Pattadar Pass Book and Title Deed. Do not come to any conclusion about the classification of the land just based on entries in Pahani/Adangal.
  1. Is the seller the real owner? A person who owns land can only sell it to others. Purchaser gets the same right which the seller has and if the seller has no right or has insecure right then the purchaser also gets no right or insecure right. Title Deed, Pattadar Pass Book, 1B register contains the details of the land owner. See all these three records to know whether the seller is the real owner. Encumbrance Certificate also shows the name(s) of the owner(s) and earlier transaction on this land.
  1. Existing claims and disputes: Find out whether there are any existing claims or dispute on the land. enquiry in Tehsil (Block Revenue) office and also with neighboring land owners may reveal any existing claims or disputes.
  1. Sale Deed and Registration: get a detailed sale deed written with complete details about the land with boundaries and the particulars about the owners. Sale deed should be compulsorily registered. Unregistered sale transactions are invalid.
  1. Mutation: apply to the Tehsildar (Block Revenue Officer) within ninety days from the date of registration in form 6A for making mutations in the land records and getting Pattadar Pass Book and Title Deed. However, application can be made even after expiry of ninety days.
  1. Survey and Sub-Division: Get the land surveyed and sub-divided
  1. Entry in Pahani/Adangal: Get your details entered in the Pahani/Adangal
  1. Obtain copies of land records: Obtain the certified copies of Pahani/Adangal, 1B register and Tippan/FMB. Check the Pahani/Adangal every year to ensure that your name is in the record.

Governments should work on educational campaigns like these

The Registrations & Stamps department of the Telangana government recently released a short video of 15 minute duration educating people about the things to be taken care of or documents to be cross checked before buying an asset (land/flat etc). This is a wonderful effort by a government department and should be emulated by all the states.



Featured Image:By Raj (Flickr: Green Beds) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


About Author

Mr. Sunil Kumar has more than twelve years of experience working on access to justice issues and more than nine years of experience working on land rights-related issues. He graduated from NALSAR in 2004 and since then he has extensively worked on rural development, legal empowerment, legal aid, land dispute resolution and land pilot implementation. He has played key role in design and implementation of land paralegal program Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.


  1. Mathangi Ramesh babu Advocate on

    Very good, definitely it is useful, People, particularly in rural India should be enlightened with regard to the land laws and legal literacy camps to be conducted in rural areas i.e Villages, through law students and District Legal Services Authorities. Mathangi Ramesh Babu Advocate Warangal.

  2. Sir,

    I gone through PROHIBITED PROPERTIES section on registration & stamps dept website (telangana). For a particular survey number, I am finding, it as ASSIGNED LAND, but area(Extent) mentioned as 0.0. Where as many registrations/patta pass books existing for the same survey number. I want to purchase some portion of the same survey number, please advice.

  3. Dear Sir,

    We have purchase agriculture land with sale deed and registered on our name and mutation not done for five year during this period seller died and their sons transfer the pass book on their name by saying their father died and sold to other person.

    How is the legal owner now.


  4. Dear Sir,

    We have purchase agriculture land with sale deed and registered on our name and mutation not done for five year during this period seller died and their sons transfer the pass book on their name by saying their father died and sold to other person.

    Who is the legal owner now ?


  5. Allqm chinnapureddy on

    Sir I purchased a agricultural land of five acres which belongs to a society.I got a nice from the registrar of societies and checked the society documents and pahanis of the land and then purchased the land.I got it registered on 16_12_2014. I applied for mutation and pass books. Then I entered the land but few people who purchased the land without the noc of the society and objected for which I approached the court for injunction order. What I must do after getting injunction order?

  6. k sreenivasa Rao on

    Please let me know the meaning of L D Patta in Andhra Pradesh revenue act.

  7. Laxmi Narsaiah on

    I have done the mutation from my father to me, weblands shows the updated records, when approached VRO/MRO for the certified copies, numerous reasons are being sited. Please help

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  9. v srinivasacharyulu on

    i purchased a plot in 1999 year in the name of my wife and it is registered in an sub register office in 1999,due to my job purpose iam at different places i could not watch the said plot, in 2006 i attempt to visit my plot the boundaries was destroyed and surrounding land including my plot with an plinth area 210 sq,yards used for cvultivation till today, i approched concerned ie-mro etc for survy to indentify of my plot,but my attempts or failed,the cvoncerned saying that it is an non lay out agricultural plot, what can i do to got survey of my plot

  10. Hi, We want to buy agriculture land in my village. The actual land cost is 19lacs but government decided price is 7 lacs. Shall we buy land for 19lcas and do the registration for actual price instead of government price? Of course the buyer has to pay 8% stamp duty for 19 lacs instead of 7lacs. Will be there any issues either to buyer or seller even after paying stamp duty for complete amount?


  11. Good noon sir, If purchase an agriculture land what type of precautions and what type of duties plz tell…if suppose one person said that…half acre of land available…and that land was 15 years agreement is there..they said
    1) plantation is there..15 years agreement ..
    2) 3 years after income is found…after 15 years you’ll handover your land…these 15 years..if you have any buit house is also ok…

  12. can u please tell be that in andhra pradesh, how and from where can we get a certificate mentioning present classification of plot in a layout.

  13. Hi any one want to buy my friend agriculture land in nellore district ..we have 100 acers land good land.future contact call to my number 09985633233

  14. We have purchase agriculture land with sale deed and registered on our name and mutation done for 20 year during this period seller died and their daughter sons GO TO TAHSILDAR make new pass book on their name by saying their grand father died and sold to other person.

    How is the legal owner now.


  15. Edwin Rodrigues on

    I have paid 6 lakhs for 5 guntas agricultural land at chidruppa village which is near patencheru . Company is called ‘Green leaves’ . They have completed the registration process and I have the papers , but they have not completed the survey or assigning the actual plots . They are just delaying the work . I am unable to move into my property because I do not know the boundaries of my plot . What should I do ? Please help

  16. Hi Sir,

    We got the property in 2014 and i got all the related documents and like pass book and all but know VRO called and told that some other people came and calming they did the registration 15 years back .So what is the solution .

  17. I am planning to purchase LAND. All documents related to survey no is fine. But previous survey number that is parent survey no is under prohibited categories. when searched in Registration and Stamps Department ( ) site. Share your suggestions.

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