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2016 photo of Rohit Sharma falsely shared as him donating blood to injured Rishab Pant


A photo of Rohit Sharma lying on a hospital bed is being shared on social media claiming that he donated blood to Rishab Pant, who was hospitalised after he met with a car accident recently. Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: Rohit Sharma donated his blood to Rishab Pant.

Fact: This viral post shares an old photo of Rohit Sharma, which Rohit uploaded on his social media in 2016. He posted this after undergoing a thigh surgery in London. The viral post uses this picture to create a story he donated blood to Rishab Pant. Hence the claim is FALSE.

We performed a reverse image search to know the details behind the photo. The investigation led us to news reports from 2016 that contained the same image.

Reportedly, Rohit Sharma underwent thigh surgery in 2016 after he was injured during a cricket match. After the surgery, he posted this picture on his Twitter and said, ‘All went well. Thank you for your good wishes. Can’t wait to be back at it.‘ You can also read a few more articles written about this here and here. To know if any media outlets have reported about him donating blood to Rishab Pant recently, we performed a basic keyword search on the internet but could not find any relevant reports. This makes it clear that the viral post uses an old photo of Rohit Sharma to spread a false narrative.

To sum up, 2016 photo of Rohit Sharma is being used to falsely claim that he donated blood to Rishab Pant, who recently met with an accident.


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