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1963 image of actress Ursula Andress is shared as that of Sonia Gandhi


A post with a collage is being shared on Facebook with the claim that the person in the photo on the left is Sonia Gandhi. Let’s analyze the authenticity of the claim in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Image of Sonia Gandhi in a two-piece.

Fact: The image on the left is that of an actress ‘Ursula Andress’ in the movie ‘Dr. No’. So, the claim is FALSE.    

When the left side image in the collage is cropped and subjected to reverse image search technique, many search results were obtained. The search result of ‘Getty Images’ had the complete photo of the left side image in the collage. The image had the following description: “1963: Actors Ursula Andress and Sean Connery in a scene from ‘Dr. No’ directed by Terence Young”. ‘Dr. No’ is a Hollywood movie released in 1963 and Sean Connery and Ursula Andress were the lead actor and actress respectively. So, the image on the left side in the college is that of the actress ‘Ursula Andress’.

To summarize, 1963 image of actress Ursula Andress is being falsely shared as that of Sonia Gandhi.

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