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What are the various components of your Air Fare?


The DGCA has launched a ‘Know Your Rights’ portal for the convenience of air passengers. Among other things on the portal is detailed information on the various components of the Air Fare.


The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), the regulatory body for civil aviation (air travel) has launched a ‘Know Your Rights’ (KYR) portal that details all the rights of air travelers. Among them is a detailed explanation of the various components of the Air Fare.

Information available on six major issues
On the KYR portal, DGCA has detailed information on six broad issues that are important to a passenger. The portal has information on

  • Travel Issues
  • Special Assistance
  • Advisory for Passengers
  • Grievance Redressal Mechanism
  • Disruptive Passengers
  • Tips for Healthy Flights

Travel Issues
This section has information on five common subjects, i.e., refund, delay & cancellations, baggage issues, booking issues & information on airfare component. For each of these subjects, the relevant information as per rules, timelines to be followed if any is provided.
For instance, the timelines for processing a refund in case of cancellations is provided in detail. The refund should consist of the PSF, UDF & service tax. Similarly, information on the rights of passengers in case of delays, cancellations or if they have been denied boarding is also provided.
What are the different components of the Air Fare?
The air fare consists of the following components

  • Airline Component
    • Basic fare
    • Airline fuel charge
    • Common user terminal equipment fee (if applicable)
    • Convenience fee (if booking is made online via debit/credit card)
  • Airport Authority of India
    • Passenger Services Fee (PSF)
  • Airport Operator
    • Airport Development fee
    • User Development fee (UDF)
  • Government
    • Service Tax

The Airlines may also offer optional services on chargeable basis. Any passenger can avail the following services at the time of booking process and choose any of them as desired

  • Preferential seating
  • Meals/snacks/drink charges (except drinking water)
  • Charges for using airline lounges
  • Check-in baggage charges
  • Sports equipment charges
  • Musical instrument carriage

Airfare Buckets: Airlines are also mandated to display tariff sheet on their respective website indicating fare in multiple levels or buckets referred to as Reservation Booking Designators (RBDs) as per the circular issued in 2010. Passengers can check these fares levels from the tariff sheet and verify with what is being offered to them. Passengers have all the rights to enquire from the airline in case the charges are beyond these levels. For instance, the fare sheets of Indigo and Jet Airways can be accessed here.
What other information is available on the KYR portal?
DGCA’s KYR portal also has information on facilities to be provided for passengers with disability, senior citizens, expectant mothers etc. It also has advisories for passengers in case they are being overcharged. The portal also has information on the grievance redressal mechanism and the details of the nodal officers.
It also has information on how unruly passengers will be handled and other details of ‘no-fly’ list. The KYR portal also has some useful tips for healthy air travel.


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