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Video of Priyanka Gandhi losing her cool is shared with a misleading context


Many Facebook users are sharing a post with a video of Priyanka Gandhi, alleging that she was beating her own party woman after drinking vodka. Let’s try to analyze the claims made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Priyanka Gandhi, after getting intoxicated, was found hitting her own party woman.

Fact: The video was taken when Priyanka Gandhi lost her cool when her daughter was groped during a protest against Unnao and Kathura rape incidents. Hence, the claim is Misleading.

When the video in the post is divided into frames using InVid plugin and the frames are searched on Google Reverse Image search, the video was found to be the one taken during Priyanka Gandhi’s midnight march against Unnao and Kathura rape incidents. From the video, it is clear that Priyanka was accompanied by her husband and daughter. During the protest, few people among the crowd groped both Priyanka Gandhi and her daughter. Priyanka was angered by this and rushed away from the crowd. It is clear that she was not drunk.

While the post claims that this as breaking news and that the incident happened on 27th April, 2019, the video by India Today was uploaded on 12th April, 2018. Hence the claim that it is a recent event is false.

Hence, the video of Priyanka Gandhi losing her cool during a protest is shared as Priyanka beating her own party woman in an inebriated state.


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