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This video from Bihar neither has a communal angle nor is linked to the UP Elections (2022)


Update (15 MARCH 2022):

The same old video is being shared again with another claim that it shows the violence in Uttar Pradesh after BJP won the 2022 Assembly Election in the state. Neither the video is from Uttar Pradesh, nor it is a recent incident. So, the claim made in the post is not correct.

Update (OCTOBER 11, 2019):

A disturbing video of a man being beaten by a few individuals is being shared on Facebook with a claim that the man was beaten by RSS men chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram’ slogans. Let’s try to analyze the authenticity of the claim made in this post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

A similar video related to the same incident is also being shared with another version that the man seen beating in the video is a BJP leader and he was beating a man from a backward community.

Claim: RSS men killed a youth in Bihar and left chanting Jhai Shree Ram.

Fact: The man being beaten by the mob is Sahil Raiyan and he was attacked when he tried to escape after shooting Madhav Singh in a land-related dispute. So, the claim is FALSE.

When searched on Google with relevant keywords, an article of ‘India Today’ about the incident was found. As per the story- ‘The son of Bhabua ward councilor allegedly shot a man, who succumbed to his injuries at a hospital in the city in Bihar’s Kaimur district. After this the accused, ward councilor’s son, was brutally thrashed by a mob of locals in broad daylight in front of the police. The incident took place in Shivaji Chowk area of Bhabua’. The article added – ‘The man was admitted to Kaimur Sadar Hospital in a critical condition. Kaimur SP said the deceased was shot over an internal matter with the accused’.

According to the report of Prabhat Khabar, the people present at the scene grabbed and thrashed the son of the Bhabua town’s ward councilor on the charge of shooting Madhav Singh.

During the search process, it was found that the man who shot Madhav Singh was Sahil Raiyan (ward councilor’s son). In the post, it is being claimed that the man beaten by the mob, i.e. Raiyan, is dead. But, when FACTLY has contacted Kaimur (Bhabua) SP, he has clarified that Raiyan is alive and is in jail.

An FIR was filed based on the statement by the aunt of the deceased Madhav Sinh and it states that her nephew was shot with a pistol by Sahil Raiyan in a ‘land-related dispute’ and had lost his life in this incident. In the FIR, she went on to mention that when Raiyan tried to escape from the sight after shooting, the mob there have caught him and beaten him. 

Bhabua Police have filed an FIR about this incident and it states that bullets were fired in an incident of mutual rivalry and Sahil Raiyan was attacked by the crowd when he tried to escape from the shooting sight.

In both of these FIRs, there is no mention regarding the connection of any political party with this incident. Also, when ‘Alt News’ contacted Bhabua police regarding the incident, they were told that there is no communal angle to the crime and it is related to some land dispute affair.

To conclude, a video of a youth beaten by few individuals in Bihar is being falsely shared with a communal narrative.

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