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Unrelated video from Bangladesh is shared as an incident of caste discrimination in India


A video of a bodybuilder kicking his prize at a winner announcement ceremony is being widely shared on social media claiming he behaved thus as he was discriminated on the basis of caste. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

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Claim: Video of an Indian bodybuilder’s unruly behaviour as he was discriminated on the basis of caste at an award ceremony.

Fact: This incident happened in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 23 December 2022. A body builder named Jahid Hasan Shuvo was awarded second prize at the annual body building competition. He alleged that there was corruption and irregularities in the competition. He also said that he became furious as he was forced to leave the stage without the opportunity to talk. He later apologized for his rude behaviour. However, Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation imposed a lifetime ban on him. Hence the claim made in the post is MISLEADING.

Internet search using the relevant keywords revealed that the person in the viral video is Bangladeshi bodybuilder ‘Jahid Hasan Shuvo’. Hasan shared this video on his Facebook Page. Full video of this event shared by Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation (BABBF) can be seen here. This incident took place at the prize distribution ceremony of annual body building competition held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 23 December 2022 organised by Bangladesh Bodybuilding Federation (BABBF). Hasan stood second in Men’s body physique category.

In the viral video, after being presented with a medal and a blender machine, he was asked to get down the stage. Talking to BBC Bangla, Hasan alleged that the he was not allowed to be the winner due to irregularities and corruption in the competition and he was forced to get down the stage when he asked for the mic after receiving the prize. He further said that this insult by the organisers has made him to behave in such unruly manner. However, Hasan apologised for his rude behaviour later.

Following this incident, BABBF and IFBB imposed a life time ban for his unacceptable behaviour at stage and obscene gestures.

To sum it up, unrelated video from Bangladesh is shared as an incident of caste discrimination against a bodybuilder in India.


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