How much do various countries contribute to the UN Budget?


The United Nations is the foremost international organization with 193 member countries in its fold. The UN is funded by its member countries and the contribution of each member country is determined based on an assessment done every three years. The assessment takes into account the GNP, per capita income & external debt of countries for fixing the quantum of contribution. The USA contributes the most to the UN regular budget with 22% while India contributes the 24th highest with 0.737%

The United Nations (UN) is an international organization founded in 1945.  It is currently made up of 193 Member States.  The mission and work of the United Nations are guided by the purposes and principles contained in its founding Charter.

Article 17 of the U.N. Charter specifies that the U.N. General Assembly will determine the basis for payment of the expenses of the organization. The expenses shall be borne by the Members as decided by the General Assembly.

What is the basis for deciding the quantum of contribution of each member?

Each member state of the UN is obligated to contribute to the UN. The contribution is calculated on the basis of scale of assessments. The Committee on Contributions is entrusted with the job of deciding the quantum of contribution.

To determine the scale of assessments, the Committee on Contributions uses estimates of each member state’s gross national product (GNP) and a number of adjustments, including data for external debt and for low per capita incomes. The assessment thus takes into account the country’s share of the global Gross National product with discounts given for low per-capita income and the country’s external debt. This is with respect to the regular budget of the UN. Similar assessments are done for other organizations of the UN including the peacekeeping operations. For deciding contribution to the peace keeping operations, adjustments are made for average per capita GNP compared to global average GNP.

The General Assembly has directed that percentage shares range from a minimum of 0.001% to a maximum of 22%, and a maximum of 0.01% for those nations designated as “least developed countries.”

The scale of assessments is normally reviewed after every three years.  The current time period of assessments is for the years 2016-2018.

Who contributes the most to the regular UN budget?

As expected, United States of America contributes the highest with a share of 22%. USA’s GNP is approximately 27% of the total GNP of all the member countries of the UN and thus its highest share of contribution is justified.

Japan contributes the second highest with 9.68%, followed by China (7.921%), Germany (6.389%), France (4.859%) and UK (4.463%) in the top five. Brazil contributes about  3.823% and is 6th in this list.

18 Countries contribute more than 1% each to the UN regular budget. 135 countries contribute less than 0.1% each including India’s neighbours Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.

un-budget-top-10Out of the 193 countries part of the UN, the top 20 countries contribute 83.78% while the other 173 countries contribute 16.22% only. The top 10 contributors account for 68.89% of the total contributions. The total regular UN budget for the year 2016-17 is $ 5.6 billion.

un-budget-top-20-vs-restHow much does India Contribute?

According to the assessment made for the years 2016-18, India has to contribute 0.737% to the UN regular budget. This puts India in the 24th place in the list of highest contributors. Based on the assessment by the contributions committee, India’s contribution to the UN regular budget was fixed at 0.534% for 2009-12 and 0.666% for 2013-2015.

India’s contribution to the UN regular budget was 16.97 million dollars in 2012-13, 17.19 million dollars in 2013-14 and 18.07 million dollars in 2014-15. India’s actual share is 19.82 million dollars in 2014-15, but is given a credit of 1.74 million dollars for the income tax exemption extended by India for the UN staff working in India.

united nations budget contributions by member countries_india contribution

India also contributed to the other UN agencies like the UNDP, UNICEF, UNEP etc. India’s contribution to UN peacekeeping operations was fixed at 0.1068% for the period 2009-12 and at 0.1332% for the period 2013-15 and 0.1474% for the period 2016-18.

India’s total contribution to the UN was Rs 138 crore in 2013-14, Rs 157 crore in 2014-15 and Rs 244 crore in 2015-16. Among the BRICS nations, India’s contribution is more than only South Africa. Brazil. Russia and China contribute more than India.

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    • Am British and I really do think it’s about time that country’s started paying there fare share to in budget as the US can not carry on paying what they pay plus it’s only fare if you pay into the club look at the UK what they pay in to EU compared to other EU countries it’s simply not fair

    • Let's Change the World Now on

      The US’s deficit is due to all the war they’ve caused as well, they should be contributed far more and the budget for the UN should be far more that 0.5% of the global military spending! 15 missions is appalling!

      • U.s. hasn’t STARTED a war since our own Civil War. What we have done is answer unprovoked aggression with aggression. My suggestion is that if you don’t want the US to help, then take care of your own problems. Stop taking our money. The majority of the world is extremely hypocritical in their disparaging of the US while dipping their hands in our wallet.

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  4. So America provides by far more funds to this organization than any other country in the world, and the world says “screw you America!” How about we withdraw our funds and use it for our citizens and military and kick the UN out. Then, when anyone needs some help, they won’t have to take any money from us as we are so reviled throughout the world.

    • The contribution you make as a country has nothing to do with the weight of your vote. The agreement is one country – one vote.
      If you wish you can distance yourself further from the rest of the world, be my guest but in the end it will cost you. If you withdraw your funds, other countries will jump in to add more, like so many things we have see this year when Trump reduced the funds and the EU picked up the tab. The EU contributes as much as the US to the UN.
      The UN is based in New York on invitation of the USA. Not the other way around. If you kick them out, other countries will be volunteering to house the organisation, don’t worry about that.
      Most so-called aid from the US (80%) are simple trade deals, they are no aid at all. They either projects for bilateral economic development (which favours US business) or Financial Arrangements for buying arms (in the US) again in favour of US arms business. The largest benefiter of this so-called aid is Israel.
      You echo what Trump said but as so often he is utterly wrong

      • Now let me see ,if the US withdraws from the UN other countries will quickly pony up to make up for the short fall .That I would be happy to see but I doubt that would ever happen .Just as level of Nato contributions by the participants ,except for the US, as required by the agreement never happened unless forced .Further your comment that the EU contributes as much is to fictionalize an entity that is hanging by a string with the parasite political hacks fearing they would lose power.The UN like its predecessor the League of Nations is nothing more than a political haven for a bunch of useless hacks who turn a blind eye to the real problems in the world or simply bellow out useless rhetoric .

      • You are an idiot…..the EU has not stepped up to anything, and the UN will be an even bigger failure if the USA pulls out. And the USA should pull out…..stop all funding to this pathetic organization

      • Sorry BART, but the U.S. didn’t with hold funding from the U.N. (yet). So what you are saying is Bull crap. Trying to make yourself sound good to the uninformed people out there. The E.U. didn’t pick NOTHING UP!

        And if the U.S. did cut back funding, the U.N. would be so discombobulated and wouldn’t know what to do!

      • Really, you are delusional if you believe other countries will step up,to the plate and make up what the US should withhold

        Your comments show the contempt you hold for the US,p. Again, proving my point. The EU is a conglomerate of countries—not a single one of them paying not even half as much as our SINGLE country pays so spare me the accolades for the EU

    • Catherine Field on

      I agree, Sherri. It’s about time we looked out for Number 1. America. The UN is a massive waste of money and they hate us. Wake up!

  5. If we pay more, then our votes should count accordingly. I. E., if we give 25%, then our UN vote should count as 4 votes.

    • Unfortunately, as in the U.S., there are those in the world who buy into the mentality of “why should we have to do more to help ourselves?” They can sit on their collective ass, let someone else (as in the U.S.) carry more load than they do individually and then bite the hand that feeds.

      What other country has rushed to the aid of friends and foes alike more than the U.S.? Who has built and rebuilt more countries/infrastructure than the U.S.? Whose military has given more lives in the defense of others than the U.S.? And don’t give me that tired old “talking point” of the U.S. being the cause of all ills in the world through our aggression. Remember Pearl Harbor? Remember the Holocost? Remember 9/11? I could go on and on about the atrocities carried out by the thugs of the world–those same thugs that are more than likely spending some of our UN funds right now to bankroll their terrorist activities.

      I know there are so many countries not nearly as fortunate and blessed as the U.S. But, you know what, if your country is so poor it cannot provide for its citizenry, stop breeding like rabbits–that should be you first step. And, before you say what about the U.S., I would and do tell those in this country if you cannot provide for either yourself or a child, practice effective birth control. One “unplanned” pregnancy is a mistake, more than one is stupid and reprehensible. And no, abortion as a means of birth control is not the solution.

      Secondly, clean up the corruption in your own government so that any resources go to those who actually need them. Until you do that, you cannot and should not be given resources from any other country.

      It really is a shame–some of these poor countries can trace their civilization back centuries if not millennia and they still can’t make it without a handout. I guess that goes to show that there will always be those who will work tirelessly to improve their lot in life and that of generations to come and there will always be those who want to take from others without any real contribution.

      And Don, you are right. The U.S. Vote in the UN should carry more weight, but we all know that won’t happen.

      • What about the veto power the US has. If they can block any resolution that passes through the UN, with only their vote, would you not say their vote carries more weight than the 190+ nations in the UN that don’t have this veto power?

        • The US only has a veto on the Security Council, not in the General Assembly. Russia, Britain, France, and China also have permanent veto power on the Security Council so that power has nothing to do with how much we contribute. It was simply written into the charter by the victorious powers of World War 2.

          • Regardless of reasoning. The fact of the matter remains that the US holds an extraordinary amount of power in the most powerful organ of the UN. As such it seems odd to be complaining about a lack of power that the US has in the UN. Then addressing you first point, security council approval is required for the majority of effectual resolutions to take place. For example the security council controls to peacekeeping forces and controls most sanctions. The security council has huge amounts of power of most other organs in the UN.

        • Love it when people talk but have no clue what they’re talking about. Trying to make themselves sound all educated. Funny!

          • if you presume to be talking from the “educated” perspective, i would be interested to see why you think my statement was wrong. I mean I understand it may be a little inflated but I was just trying to show that its kind of bullshit to say that US doesn’t have more powers than other countries in the UN.

      • The US didnt just happen to become the wealthiest country in the world. You guys became that rich by structuring the global order to suit your interests and plunder the wealth of other nations. So dont give me that ccondescending BS about America selfishly helping out the world, that’s just not true. You plundered the world.

        • Oh and those corrupt governents you talk about? The US actively keeps them in power. It is the largest supplier of military equipment to horrible dictatorships that use it on their own people.

        • So Holland was able to defeat Hitler without us?? Charles Ray…and oh by the way, We spent American taxpayer dollars to help Europe get back on its feet after the War.

        • Nice revisionist history Dux. The US was already the largest economy in the world going back to middle of the 19th century. Way back before the US had any power to “plunder” the world. The US wasn’t even a major military power until after mobilization for World War 1. And didn’t become a dominant “super power” until World War 2 left the rest of the world broken and devastated. The United States was the arsenal for democracy, precisely because the US had a huge industrial output, which was built prior to the US being able to impose it’s will on anyone. Our “empire” consisted of Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Phillipines, and a some fairly worthless islands in the Pacific. Nearly all of the European powers held colonies that were exploited to the Europeans benefit.

          With the exception of the Spanish American war and the Mexican war, the US has never held onto any territory that we’ve militarily conquered, unlike nearly every other developed country on earth. On the whole, the US has been one of the most benevolent major powers in earth history. So get over yourself.

          • You also took Hawaii and yes you mentioned the Philippines. Don’t forget the islands you took under “lend lease” . Your Munroe doctrine was a pretty imperialistic statement of intent with the “manifest destiny”. Have you forgotten how many treatises the “white man” tore up with the native Indians/Americans (I can keep up with the different pc terms”

      • Right on-Billions/Million Aide to other countrys,, yet we USA is in debt 20 Trillion.
        Can see given Aide to children/food, but Not militaryMoney/unless with interest loan. Why should USA given free money, get nothing in return. Charge 5% interest who ever wants/needs this so called Aide, then use it for WAR.It should NOT be FREE. Unless of course all USA legal persons all rich,or USA be Oh lets say 50 trillion in debts-Which is it -20 T. or 50 trillion,in the year 2525./ or USA 0% debt Free.

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  8. Please put the 1.2 Billion$ the US are contributing to UN in relation with the 590billion$ the US are spending every year for his army. This billion is peanuts. But probably much more effective for peace, than any of the other 590 ones.

    • $590B is spend on US army who are also their citizens. $1.6B is spend on a Org that constantly tells America to crew you

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  10. Comment dites-vous cela?
    Ask me no questions and I’ll tell no lies.

    This data has more to do with Hindia trying to promote itself as nice guys when in reality its the boogeyman of SARC- RAW having created and trained terrorist at Bangladesh, Sri Lanka Nepal. – Mukti Bahini, LTTE…
    Ronald Reagan turned a blind eye to Franco of Spain and Alvarez of Portugal yet non of the citizens die of hunger then and now.
    30 years of WTO and 1.38 billion Mandarin speakers do not go hungry and there is plenty and more.
    While at the adjoining land of 1.34 billion after 70 years of independence and ruled by
    ancestors of Turco-Mongol’s hunger, death, population explosion and graft is a way of life.
    Politicians have no shame in passing the buck expecting Caritas to rescue them
    A greedy nation of hindutavas planning to take on the world stage by fraud.

  11. southernwonder on

    the usa spends about 1.25 bils on the u.n. – 22 pct of u.n.’s 5.6 bil budget. usa spends about 10 times that money on foreign aid on a few select countries that have strong lobbies in washinton dc. may be the u.n. might get more money if it has a lobbying office in washington dc.

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  13. Make the 5 countries who contribute the most the Permanant members of the Security Council, and Votes in the general assembly proportional to each contries contribution. It only make sense that votes on spending money should be proportional to the amount you contribute

  14. If China’s economy is comparable to that of the USA. Why are they paying just under 8%? The USA is paying 22%. We are getting screwed!

    • Only in PPP (Purchasing Power Parity), otherwise the GDP of China still remains lower than the US’s. And that is the crook of the matter, what the US is really concerned is not its participation, but the fact that China may surpass their GDP and become more powerful at the UN table. Don’t be fooled by all the whining. What the US want to keep is their supremacy at the UN and NATO’s tables, by far the largest channels to their weapons and military equipment revenue streams.

      • What supremacy? The US has a veto power in the security council, as do the other 4 permanent members. As to the weapons sales, if the US does not do it, Russia will. Is that preferable?

  15. If the US contribution was lowered to let’s say 10% and as a result its veto right taken away, Americans would be whining the same way or even more.

    Americans, mostly white Americans I have to say, have become so whiny and so self-entitled. How did it turn out to be that way?

    • You comment makes no sense. So the US loses it’s veto power on the Security Council by taking it’s contribution down to 10%, but France, Britain, Russia, and China keep theirs while paying 4.8%, 4.4%, 3.1%, and 7.9% respectively? Perhaps the five permanent Security Council members should all be required to pay an equal share of say…10% of the budget to keep their veto instead? That would mean the UK and France would have to increase their spending by more than 100%, the Russians by triple, and the Chinese by 50%

      Even at 10% of the bill, less than half of what the US pays, it would still be the single largest contributor. That kind of puts it into perspective.

    • Your ignorance is so obvious with your statement”mostly white Americans”
      Desiring equality with the monies contributed by all countries to the UN is not “whining”. It is called “we taxpayers are fed up with getting screwed by other countries”

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  25. Sorry, just pointing out but the very first fact that’s stated here is wrong; the international organisation of scouting has over 200 countries actively participating, making ‘UN’ the second largest international organisation 🙂

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  30. doctor longfinger on

    This UN is ludicrous, worse, it is destroying the planet at exponential rate. What’s that, can’t hear you? Am I talking out of my ass you say? NO I DON’T THINK SO, the UN has no accountability, no responsibility, nobody to blame for destruction. The UN has gone into all these underdeveloped countries and almost forced them to accept modern living, they have promoted population growth everywhere they go. CO2 is going to sky rocket to over a 1000ppm in near future due to the UN mischief it has caused. As usual they continue to look for special gimmicks to keep growth going. WE NEED NO MORE GROWTH TODAY! If anybody does not understand what I am talking about then they are seriously not connected to the present. The UN, IMF, and World Bank need to be discontinued as they are no longer functionable in 21st century.

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  33. Withdrawing US funding to UN and Kicking UN out of US sounds much like a neo-nazist ideology. This world has been the playground of the non-democratic and supremacist governments in the history of the modern world. They always play games on the peace loving nations, give birth to war and terrorism just for the sake of their selfish interests and devastate the peaceful countries in the world. See how one of few of the supremacist countries devastated Rwanda, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and so so. Then, how must fund tremendously for the organization that should work for better world order that’s UN? Obviously those which can do any thing for world power and culminate in devastating the world.

  34. It is typical of the United kingdom to give $108,482,00 to the UN when charities have to run TV appeals to provide guide dogs for it’s blind citizens. If the wealth of a country is reflected in the level of contributions, I find it difficult to understand why the United Arab emirates only had to contribute $14,681,00 and Saudi Arabia $27,855,000.

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