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This website selling blood vessel cleaning drug in the name of a German doctor is Fraudulent


A social media post which shares an interview transcript of German Cardiologist Dr. Thomas D. Walker is being widely shared. Through this interview, Dr. Walker roots for a blood vessel cleaning drug named ST Heart. In this interview Dr. Walker, a centenarian, credits clean blood vessels for his longevity. This article promotes a blood vessel cleaning drug called ST Heart and provides online sale of this drug. Through this article let’s fact-check the veracity of this claim.

Claim: Website promoting sale of blood vessel cleaning drug ‘ST Heart’.

Fact: This website promoting the sale of the blood cleaning drug is dubious. There is no credible information about the purported award-winning doctor Walker. There is no information about such drug approved by the nodal drug regulating authority of India. The same information is doing rounds on the internet, advertising different drugs, using names of different fake doctors.   Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

The viral message appears to be a hoax, as it contains dubious information. Firstly, the viral message wrongly attributes the image of American businessman Warren Buffett to the purported award-winning German doctor, named Walker.

Secondly, the viral message is attributed to award-winning German Cardiologist, Dr. Thomas D. Walker. However, we could not find any credible information about any such award-winning German doctor.

Moreover, the website also appears to be fraudulent. Scamadviser , an online tool, to check whether a website is legitimate or a possible scam, also rated ‘astoklon.com’ as suspicious one.

As per the analysis, this domain was registered just a month ago and the website’s owner is hiding his identity on WHOIS using a paid service.

Further, we could not find any credible information about this viral drug ST Heart being approved by the Indian drug regulatory authority (DCGI & CDSCO).

Earlier, the same information is circulated in the name of different alleged doctors and advertising different drugs (here & here).

One such interview content, shared advertising another alleged blood vessel cleaning drug called ‘Heart Keep’. This drug was also advertised using the identity of the same purported doctor Walker. However, this time around the website attributed the image of Russian-American journalist Vladimir Pozner Jr, to the purported Dr. Walker.

We could not find any credible information about this drug either. This further ascertains that the viral message, doing rounds on internet advertising different drugs, is dubious.

FACTLY, advises readers to be cautious about such fraudulent websites and to double check with authentic sources.

To sum it up, this website selling blood vessel cleaning drugs in the name of a German doctor is Fraudulent.


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