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These videos of prominent journalists promoting medicines for Diabetes/Obesity are fake


Update (12 February 2024):

A video of the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath, allegedly promoting a medicine for the treatment of Diabetes has surfaced on social media. In the viral video, which looks like a clip from an interview with news channel Aaj Tak, he can be seen saying that this medicine can be purchased on a website with a link along with the video.

However, Yogi Adityanath has not promoted this medicine. The viral clip is part of an interview with Aaj Tak news channel on the consecration ceremony of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

Nowhere in this interview, he spoke about the alleged medicine for diabetes which is seen in the viral clip. This means that the viral clip was made by clipping it from this interview, removing his original audio, and dubbing it in a way that makes it seem as if he was promoting a medicine for diabetes.

Update (04 January 2024):

A recent video featuring Rajeev Dhoundiyal, a journalist from Aaj Tak, endorsing weight loss capsules, is gaining popularity on various social media platforms.

However, we could not find any report of the Aaj Tak reporter endorsing weight loss products. It is highly probable that the video, along with previous ones, has been digitally manipulated. The URL embedded in the viral post directs to a website whose domain was registered in Moscow in October 2023 and is scheduled to expire in a year.

Published (01 December 2023):

Multiple videos are being shared on social media claiming they show visuals of prominent journalists promoting different medicines for Diabetes disease. Those videos can be seen here, here, here, here, and here. The news anchors in the video say that the medicine can stabilize blood sugar levels in ten minutes. These posts provided a link below and asked users to go through the website and purchase the medicine for diabetes. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Videos of journalists promoting medicines for diabetes.

Fact: All the videos shared through these posts are fake. These journalists never promoted such diabetes medicines on their respective news channels. The links provided in the posts direct to the articles published by fake sites. There is no such medicine approved by the FDA that could cure diabetes in ten minutes. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.  

When we searched for the video of Arnab Goswami using relevant keywords, we found the same video on the Republic World website on 16 November 2023. The original video shows Arnab Goswami’s debate on China and Pakistan’s relationships. Arnab Goswami did not promote any diabetes medicine in this video.

The URL provided below the post directs to a website named ‘’. According to the ‘Whois’ website, the domain ‘sparsim.Info’ was registered in May 2023, and the registrant’s name is not specified. This dubious site published fake articles on diabetes medicines with the name of ‘Aaj Tak’ news site.

The other videos shared in the post are also fake. These journalists never promoted any such diabetes tablets as mentioned in these posts. The links provided below these posts are not working. A few users have made posts clarifying that these dubious posts promoting diabetes products with the video clippings of news journalists as fake.

Diabetes & Cure

Diabetes is a chronic medical condition characterized by elevated levels of blood glucose, commonly referred to as blood sugar. This occurs when the body either cannot produce enough insulin or cannot effectively use the insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar and allows cells to absorb and use glucose for energy. More details about Diabetes can be seen here.  

In a publication from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it is emphasized that individuals with diabetes should engage in weight loss, follow a nutritious diet, maintain physical activity, and incorporate medication into their treatment. Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and India’s National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) state on their respective websites that early diagnosis of diabetes, coupled with the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, can help individuals with diabetes mitigate the severe consequences associated with the condition. However, there is no such medicine approved by the FDA or any other body that could treat Diabetes in ten minutes.

To sum it up, these videos of journalists promoting medicines for diabetes disease are fake.  


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