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The visuals depict a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk caught in an alleged sex scandal, not an Indian Hindu Monk


An image of a partially dressed man is being widely on social media platforms, claiming that a Hindu Monk in India was caught in an intimate situation with two women. Some posts allege that the individual involved is Nirmal Singh Ji, also known as Guruji. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Video of a Indian Hindu Monk Nirmal Singh Ji with two women.

Fact: The person in the viral video is a Sri Lankan Buddhist Monk named Pallegama Sumana Thero. The footage shows individuals allegedly breaking into a residence in Nawagamuwa where he was intimate with two women in July 2023. Police arrested the intruders, but they were later released when Thero withdrew the complaint. Furthermore, Nirmal Singh Ji passed away in 2007. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

The viral visuals were subjected to a reverse image search, which led us to news reports by Sri Lankan media outlets (here, here & here). These reports featured the same visuals published on 08 July 2023 and suggested that the video originated from the Nawagamuwa area of Sri Lanka. The footage shows individuals breaking into a residence while a Buddhist Monk named Pallegama Sumana Thero was allegedly intimate with two women.

The individuals claimed that they visited the house after receiving information about Sumana Thero engaging in inappropriate behaviour with the two women. Thero reported the incident to the Nawagamuwa police, leading to the arrest of the intruders on charges of breaking and entering, as well as assaulting Thero and the women. However, for reasons unknown, Thero later withdrew the complaint, resulting in the release of the suspects.

Furthermore, according to reports, Nirmal Singh Ji, also known as Guruji, passed away in 2007. In an interaction with India Today, a member of Nirmal Singh Ji’s Ashram in Delhi clarified that the video in question has no connection to Guruji and that the Ashram plans to take legal action against those responsible.

To sum it up, the viral video depicts a Sri Lankan Buddhist monk and not an Indian Hindu Monk.


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