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Railways now change the rules for availing the Senior Citizen Concession & Quota


After modifying the cancellation rules & child concession, the Indian Railways has now modified the rules for those availing the senior citizen quota and concession. Those found to be misusing the quota & concession from 1st February, 2016 will be charged a penalty in addition to charging the difference between the normal & concessional fare.


Like in other public services, the Indian Railways also extend certain facilities to senior citizens. These facilities are extended to men who are a minimum of 60 years and women of minimum 58 years of age. They are granted concession in fares of all classes of trains. The concession is 40% of the fare for men and 50% of the fare for women.

Other Facilities extended to Senior Citizens

  • Apart from the concession in fares, certain other facilities are also extended to the senior citizens.
  • 40% Concession in fare for Men over 60 years of age and 50% Concession for Women over 58 years of age
  • Provision in the Passenger Reservation System (PRS), to automatically allot lower berths to Senior Citizens and female passengers of over 45 years of age.
  • A combined quota of two (2) lower berths per coach earmarked in Sleeper, AC 3 tier, AC 2 tier for Senior Citizens, Women over 45 years of age and Pregnant Women travelling alone.
  • Provision for Wheelchairs at stations.
  • Provision for separate counters at PRS centers for Senior Citizens.

senior citizen concession in indian railways rules_facilities extended to senior citizens by the railways

Instances of misuse of the Quota & Concession to Senior Citizens

As per the current system of booking, no proof of age is required at the time of purchasing tickets. However, during journey the senior citizen is required to carry prescribed documentary proof issued by any Government agency showing their age or date of birth. In case the senior citizen is not able to produce the requisite proof of age during the journey, he/she is charged the difference of fare (between full fare and concessional fare). Apart from this, Senior citizens are also provided a facility to get confirmed lower berths under Senior Citizen Quota.

The Indian Railways found instances of misuse of both the concession and quota in the following ways.

  • Passengers book tickets under Senior Citizen Quota by giving wrong age. In case they are detected they give the difference of fare otherwise they go undetected resulting in loss of revenue to the Railways.
  • Some passengers also book confirmed lower berths under Senior Citizens Quota and in case they get detected, they pay the difference of fare. If they are not detected, then they enjoy the benefit of senior citizens concession as well as quota
  • Some agents are known to use this method to cheat the passengers. They book the ticket by giving wrong declaration of age and subsequently modify the e-ticket by giving correct age and dupe the passengers of the fare.

The new rules have a provision for Penalty

The Indian Railways has now modified the existing rules governing the Senior Citizen travel. The broad changes that will come into effect from 1st February, 2016 are the following.

senior citizen concession in indian railways rules_modified rules for availing senior citizen quota

  • IRCTC will now make a provision that whenever a passenger enquires about the PNR status, the fare charged on the ticket will be reflected. This will help passengers who depend on agents for booking. They will now know how much fare has been charged for their booking.
  • IRCTC will also explore the feasibility of displaying other relevant details like full form of quota under which booked, age of passenger so that the passengers do not get cheated by unscrupulous booking agents.
  • Misusing both using both Quota & Concession: Whenever any passenger is found travelling in the train on the berths booked under Senior Citizen Quota by declaration of wrong age, he/she will be treated as travelling without ticket and charged. This will be treated as a case of misusing both Quota and Concession. The railways treat this misuse as cheating and hence will charge this offence as ticketless travel.
  • Misusing Concession: Whenever any passenger is found travelling in the train by declaration of wrong age to get senior citizen  concession only (and not lower berth), they will be charged penalty in addition to difference of fare. (between full fare and concessional fare)

The Railways has also instructed its ticket checking staff to be patient and tactful while handling such passengers to avoid any complaint regarding any harassment.

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By Jaaron95 (Photo taken during my rail- fanning session.) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Senior Couple by Milton Raposo C. Rêgo Jr. from the Noun Project


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  1. Good effort but I have questions from this reporter. Can we get wheelchairs for senior citizens without hassle at the station and by which date is that going to happen. Is there a refundable amount charged for taking wheelchairs and how much would that be. And if you do not expect the wheelchairs to fly, the railways need to build lifts that are easily found or ramps so that the attendents can use to push the wheelchairs/ strollers. Where is the plan for that. Have we heard from IRCON or Railways about awarding contracts to do so. Meanwhile, trains should have ramps at the door to push in the wheelchair. Is there a tender coming out for wheelchairs that can fit the bogies passage area and specifications? I do not find those details here.

    • I am a frequent traveller. Travel with my wife. Aged 67 & 65 . No wheel chairs for Sr ctzn unless you pay a lumpsum and also to coolies. Patients boarding to trains or arrives a station are most pityful condion and situation. This Govt is “Anti Common Indian” of remote controlled Modi by RSS. And Our Nations Youths are Modi’s Tools for such “lifting privileges adopted since long” for Nations Child Citizens and Old Citizens. Modi is Cursed by Crores of Indians.

      • Why people are blaming for Modi Govt,rather then you could have complained earlier for the UPA Govt as well because, it has to be followed from them.

      • Coolies were honest before the NDA Govt led by BJP. In the regime of UPA Govt led by Congress collies were not charging anything from a elderly passengers/patient to provide them the W/Chairs. In the year 2014, when the “BJP Sarkar” came into power, since then only they started to charge money. Sir, you want to say so ?
        महानुभाव, आपकी सोच पर कोई बच्चा भी हँसेगा | स्व॰ इन्दिरा गांधी के बाद हमारे देश में माननीय नरेंद्र मोदी ही एकमात्र इतने सख्त प्रधानमंत्री आए हैं जिनकी ज़रूरत थी | हम स्वयं कितने ईमानदार रहे हैं और हम किसके रिमोट से चलते हैं यह हमें खुद देखना चाहिए | अंत में- खिसियानी बिल्ली खंभा नोचे |

  2. This concession is applicable only for express trains only. This fact is not being mentioned anywhere, but only stated by Railway employees at the time of giving tickets.

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  5. age 58 Is completely or running for ladies and age 60 is completely or running for gents for senior citizens..

  6. I want to know, if there’s any change in AC 3 births meant for Sr citizens, as since Jan,2016, AC 3 birth
    position in all trains will be the same waiting list as indicated on the top ?

      • Chaudhari Madhubhai bhikhabhai on

        અમારી ઉંમર ૭૫ વષॅ કરતાં વધુ છે ઉંમર નાે અાધાર કાડॅ માં જણાવેલ પુરાવા શીવાય બીજો કોઈ પુરાવો નથી તો મારે રેલવે મુસાફરીમાં િસનીયર સીટીઝન નો લાભ લેવા શુ કરવુ પડશે


    I have just booked AC chair car ticket online for my mother who is 74 years of age. i did not get 50% concession . ticket rate is Rs 345 who is not senior citizen, and i got ticket at the rate of Rs 291. They are granted concession in fares of all classes of trains. The concession is 40% of the fare for men and 50% of the fare for women. Pl advice.

  8. Pradeep Kumar Baradia on


    • Whe u book two tickets of senior citizens together u will not get lower berths.This is wrong railway shd modify the server and atleast two senior citizens shd get the lower berths.I have written to railway minister but no one is serious in this matter.

  9. Akash Bhandari on

    Date of birth. 1 June 1957. It will come into senior citizen from next minth

  10. Yuvraj Bhatnagar on

    My date of birth is 1.6.56. Am I entitled for the senior citizen concessions after 1.6.2016.
    Please inform.

  11. Rashesh K Parikh on

    I have booked online ticket & mentioned age 62 but I could not get concession on ticket. Now how can I get concession on that booked ticket.

    • My gandpa is 83 years old bt by mistake age was mentioned 73 years, and he availed the senior citizen concession. Should I cancle the ticket and book again or will this ticket work?

  12. pradeep sharma on

    i booked 02 times tickets for my father 65 years in tatkal quota but not got this facility. even though it is not showing where we have to mark the senior citizen. is this facility is not available in tatkal quota ????

    • I agree, today I booked 2 ticked for my father (age 62). In tatkal i did not get the benefit. But while booking general ticket checkbox was there. Is railway doing technical fraud as well as increasing fares many times in within a financial year ??

      • Subhash chandra Malviya on

        Today, I have booked two tickets under tatkal quota for myself aged 66yrs and wife 60 yrs (senior citizen) in train No. 12295 AC-II, PNR No.4844325396 dt.03/10/16 but no concession is provided and full amount is recovered. Further, both the bearth allotted is upper. If no facilities are being provided to senior citizens, why Railway does not announce it for the knowledge of general public.

  13. K T Ramanathan on

    I am a super senior citizen aged 83 years. My PNR 8348438636 allotted upper berth no 42. Can anybody help me to get a lower berth giving priority from future cancellations.

  14. Amutha Thinakaran on

    Can a senior citizen mother get two concessions together? i.e 50% concession for senior citizen. On this 40% concession as military dependant mother??

  15. If i book ticket for lady but i issue the gender male by mistake then what happen . The railway will punish or release ?

    • I have purchased railway tickets to Bhubaneswar from Howrah. My PNR No. is 6556738341. I am senior citizen by age. But concession in fare has not been given. Similarly in return journey also no concession in fare has been given to me. My return ticket on 23.09.2016 vide PNR No. 6759606225. What is the rule position in this regard ?

  16. I have purchased railway tickets to Bhubaneswar from Howrah. My PNR No. is 6556738341. I am senior citizen by age. But concession in fare has not been given. Similarly in return journey also no concession in fare has been given to me . My return ticket on 23.09.2016 vide PNR No. 6759606225. What is the rule position in this regard ?

  17. I purchased railway tickets for my parents age 64 and 58 years, traveling from Howrah to Manmad. There were 91 tickets available while booking but I am alloted tickets of B5- and B2- coach one lower and other middle. What a horrible situation as they are traveling alone. In Indian railway giving concession and paying back in such a horrible fission. What should I do?? If u say i should have asked for same coach while booking, I tried but seat were not available. I was expecting at least 2 seat in same coach with 91 available and 10 coaches. What should i do? Is there any possibility to convert to at least same coach?

    • Railways should promptly display boards if they have discontinued the sr.citizen concession from effective date so that they can plan their journey accordingly.

  18. I forget to Tick the Sr.Citizen box before booking a AC 3 ticket and paid full amount. Can any one suggest to get back the concession amount. Thanks!!

    • Bhabani Shankar Pati on

      Same with me. Why should one click senior citizen box? if the age is beyond the designated limit of 60 years than it should be taken automatically..

  19. I am 68 years of age and as a seniorI have booked a 3AC ticket for sealdah to new delhi Duronto.on 24/10/2016 from sahibabad (U.P) reservation counter but I have get concession only Rs. 280. Actually sealdah to howrah charged for a senior citizen in duronto only Rs. 1390. But Ihave charged Rs. 1780 for this. Why?
    My PNR No. is 6660291381

  20. As I have completed 59 years on 15.10.16 and presently running 60 yrs and Date of birth is 16.10.1956, I had booked tickets in Aug 16 for Nov 16 under Sr Citizen. Is it correct from the view point of rule of railways.


    I am 60 years old ( 05-05-1956) have booked cc ticket pnr no. 2652960297 and 2805535527, journey date 25 November 2016 and 26 November 2016, but no concession given to me.



  22. I booked a e ticket without availaing the consessaion for senior citizen. Please tell how to get back the senior citizen concession.My PNR No.4325961159

  23. today i booked ticket ffor my familly ..thaere is a gal 7 years old but they deduct as adult full charger wehter i heard for kids over 5 n less 10 have to chharge half fare so what is it …just play with public or what

  24. my age 70 and my wife 59. Our ticket status for the train no 12864 RAC4 nd wl1 in 2nd AC. 24hours left for the journey. Will it b confirmed?


  26. I shall be completing 60 years on 10-07-57. I shall be travelling on 30-04-17 . I have bought the ticket in which i have mentioned my age as 60, due to which I have been the concession of senior citizen. I want to know whether i am eligible for the senior citizen concession ?

  27. Moti Chand Das on

    Why not Rly issue Sr.Ctzns Ids,those interested to avail against some Id fee ?This may help Rly some extra Income. And why not one age one concession to all Sr.Ctzns irrespective of any gender, Pls respond & start “One Law One Nation” 1st start from/with Rly Passenger Services .

    • Why Govt / Rly not taking any interest ti Issue Sr.Ctzns Ids to Sr.Ctzns who needs it ? There was lots of disputes in time of travelling- this OId will not do ,show other Ids etc etc. Pls response soon. And the 2nd thing – why not 1 types of concession & Age to all genders. The simplification will help both Rly & Sr.Ctzns . Think seriously & Act soon.

  28. Very good article. In case of mistakenly booking ticket under senior citizen quota, the passenger details can be modified to normal quota in any railway reservation centre. The difference in fare need to be paid at the railway station by filling a form. Please include this information in article which will be very useful for people who may mistakenly book ticket under senior citizen quota.

  29. Sir e-ticket se ek form pe kitane senior citizen ka ticket book ho sakta hai….please reply sir. i am waiting now……

  30. I have booked counter ticket for my father and mother they both are in s.citizen 62 and 58 but by mistake the ticket done by age 71 and 69 can they are travel on this ticket or not.???

  31. Dr,Hemendra Joshi on

    i have booked two tickets for me and wife as senior citizens ans asked for the lower birth in the same boggy in this case I got confirmed ticket while my wife has wtlist 1 for the same in second AC.Suppose if not confirmed,what option I have ?

  32. Suresh Chand Jain on

    How to get reservation unsder senior citizen quota as the reservation package displays only General & Tatkal quota. Is it automatic that after entering the age mor than 60 yrs it automatically confirm reservaton in senior citizen quota if seats are available in senior citizen quota or some menu option is to be ch

  33. My mother’s date of birth is incorrectly printed on Aadhar card which is less than 58 years so senior citizen fare is not allowed. But her Voter ID got the correct date of birth like 60 years so that she would be eligible for Senior Citizen fare. Can she carry just the Voter ID or passport? Or carrying Aadhar is mandatory while travelling?

  34. 12931/ 12932 -ahmedabad double decker ac- fare clarification,-to and fro borivali-surat,

    tkts booked for borivali-surat to & fro,

    tkt total amount chraged was rs 1081/- for,
    one female sr citizen,
    two females-non sr. citizens,
    as per web site, fare for normal person was rs 415/-
    01-one senior citizen, female 63 yrs, fare is 415-50 % = Rs 208 ( round figure )
    02-two female citizens-normal < 58 years is 415×2= Rs 830
    Rs 1038/-only

    as per confirmed tkt, issued by irctc fare was charged as Rs 1085/-only,
    no service charge & no travel insurance not charged
    charged more by Rs 47/-
    there may be a good, reasoning,
    but, we would like to know on what account addl. Rs 47 was charged-
    for one way. ,

  35. Iam aged 73 I have booked tickets in suvedha train it is mentioned dynamic charge per ticket rs.720/-dynamic charges Rs350/- there isno concession for sr citizen If I cancelled before 3days can I get full refund to enable to book some other train

  36. ranjani krishnan on

    Pl let me know rail fare for senior citizen and ladies senior citizen for travelling on 30.9.2017by Tamil Nadu express from new Delhi to there any surge price on this train for senior citizens.second ac two tier rates pl

  37. i booked my parents ticket in senior citizen quota. I go confirmed ticket for my mother and father but seats are allotted as “Side Upper” for both the tickets. Since they cannot climb to the allotted seat I was worried and thinking to cancel the ticket. If you have any suggestions then please tell.

  38. Just Now I booked my 2nd AC from Mangaluru to Panvel tickets by clearly mentioning age of 60 running and preference of Lower birth, inspite of this they allotted me Side Upper, Now should I beg for lower seat with co passengers ???.

  39. Ananda Krishna Das on

    why 3rd ac tickets is stopped in the ordinary booking counter for seniors as wellas others ?

  40. my date of birth is 25th July 1958 & pl. revert whether i am entitled for senior citizen ‘s discount

    19 – 01 – 2018
    25 – 07 – 1958 [ – ]
    94 -04 – 60


    Male&female are equal rights in our country. Then why railway not giving concession to male at the age of 58. It should be avoided.

  42. Sujeet Kumar Singh on

    Hey I Have tried various attempts to book ticket through tatkal quota scheme but at the end the ticket is showing in waiting list as i am booking ticket for my grandfather who is presenty an age of 77 but while through various attempts , i was not able to book ticket through irctc under tatkal scheme and finally due to emergency i have to booked ticket for my grandfather with the help of agents who are easily available at railway stations , they charged me double money if you consider normal 3rd ac for general people tickets,

    so regarding this my query is can i get conccesion for my grandfather as he is senior citizen but ticket is booked through an agent.

  43. My mother age is 58, I m booked gujrat express ticket in Senior citizen which documents show to ticket checker… I have not avaavaila government issue senior card. I have only adhar card and election voter ID . Is it valid during traveling ..?

    • for my mother , the age is 58 Running now. Her DOB is 21-07-1961. Shall we get Concession now.please revert

  44. suman gopishetty on

    my Mother date of birth is 01.01.1966 can she eligible for senior citizen quota now?

  45. My DOB is 01.07.1960. Please confirm Shall I avail senior citizen concession to travel on 15th Aug 2019.

    • Same problem I have faced just now.TTE not accepted and find me 1400 due to my age is 59 years 02 months(60th year running) .But in railway rules mentioned that 60years and above are illegible for senior citizens concession for male person. it means 60 year running also accept able.or other wise mentioned after 60 years is acceptable for senior citizens

  46. Can any one help me?
    Can I book ticket under Lower Berth\Sr citizen for my Mother whose age is 63, accompanied with my wife whose Age is 28 as attendant?

  47. Am I a female senior citzen to get the railway ticket concession, if my date of birth is 22nd July 1962