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No, this isn’t the video of ‘fish rain’ in Mumbai.


On Facebook, many users are sharing a video that purportedly shows men gathering fish on streets while it is raining. They also mention that BBC has reported this news that ‘fish rain’ has occurred in Mumbai during this monsoon season. Let’s try to analyze the authenticity of the video and also the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be seen here

Claim: It rained fish in Mumbai during this Monsoon season.   

Fact: BBC hasn’t reported any news regarding ‘fish rain’ this Monsoon. The video being shared in the post is a combination of clips from many videos each corresponding to different contexts. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

In the post, it is alleged that BBC News has reported about ‘fish rain’ in Mumbai during this Monsoon season. When searched for any such BBC news reports, no relevant information was found. When Googled for ‘fish rain’ in Mumbai, many YouTube links of the same video as in the post are obtained and the title of many of the videos is ‘Fish Rain in Mumbai’. On looking at the date of upload of these videos, many of them are found to be uploaded in 2018. When the video in the post is run through InVid Plugin, and corresponding keyframes obtained are subjected to the Google Reverse Image Search technique, several individual keyframes directed to different videos (1, 2, 3). The Video in the post is created by taking clips from video-1, video-2 and video-3 i.e., the video is created by combining clips from these 3 individual videos.

FACTLY tried to verify the true context of these three videos but information from no authentic source was found. When one goes through the description of many YouTube uploads of the first video, it was mentioned that the clips were taken from a BBC documentary series ‘Supernatural’. Most of the users who uploaded the second video in YouTube have said that the incident shown in the video is that of people picking up fishes when a lorry loaded with them had met with an accident. Many YouTube up-loaders of the third video have mentioned it to be that of fish rain in Eluru of Andhra Pradesh.

Hence, this video isn’t that of ‘fish rain’ in Mumbai. It is a combination of clips from many different videos. BBC hasn’t reported anything about the occurrence of ‘fish rain’ in Mumbai this Monsoon. 

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