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Not just Maggi, more than 400 other products are rejected by FSSAI including ones from Tata Starbucks, Kellog’s etc


After it was found that well known noodles brand Maggi contained lead in excess of permissible levels, it is the turn of other well known brands. Data from FSSAI indicates that more than 400 product proposals were rejected by FSSAI on various grounds. The list includes well known brands like Tata Starbucks, Kellog’s, Venky’s, Amway etc.


After the well known instant noodles brand ‘Maggi’ was in the news for three major violations of the Food Safety & Standards Act (FSS Act), it now seems that this is not limited to Maggi. Data available with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), more than 400 products are rejected as on 30th  April, 2015. The list of products include products from some well known brands like Tata Starbucks, Kellogs, Ranbaxy, Amway, Venky’s etc.

The ‘Maggi’ Issue

It all started with the sampling and testing of Maggi by the office of Commissioner of Food Safety, Uttar Pradesh and recognizing the serious food safety concerns. The FSSAI then advised the Commissioners of Food Safety in various states to draw samples of Maggi and get the same tested from authorized laboratories.

Three major violations have been noted by the FSSAI

  • Presence of Lead detected in the product in excess of the maximum permissible levels of 2.5 ppm.
  • Misleading labelling information on the package reading “No added MSG”, and
  • Release of a non-standardised food product in the market, viz. “Maggi Oats Masala Noodles with Tastemaker” without risk assessment and grant of product approval.

Samples Tested & found adulterated every year

As per the data released by the FSSAI, the percentage of food samples found adulterated is on the rise. In 2011-12, 64593 samples were tested out of which 8247 samples (12.8%) were found adulterated. This percentage went up to 14.8% in 2012-13 and to 18.8% in 2013-14. Out of the 72200 samples tested in 2013-14, 13571 samples were found adulterated. Surprisingly, the number of prosecutions launched has been decreasing since 2011-12. While prosecutions were launched in 83% of the adulterated cases in 2011-12, this percentage went down to 56.3 in 2012-13 and went up to 75.4% in 2013-14.

Sample examined, found aulterated and prosecutions launched by FSSAI - Maggi ban in India

Percentage of Samples found adulterated by FSSAI - Maggi ban in India

Which other products are rejected by FSSAI?

As on 30th April 2015, more than 400 proposals for products have been rejected on assessment of risk/ safety of the proposed products by the Product Approval & Screening Committee and the Scientific Panel. The list of products includes products of well known brands like Tata Starbucks, Kellogs, Amway, Ranbaxy, Venky’s etc.

BrandNumber of Rejected ProductsList of Rejected Products
Tata Starbucks32Panna Cotta Pudding, Dark Caramel Sauce with Natural Flavour, Coffee Frappuccino Flavoured Syrup, Vanilla Flavoured Syrup, Hazelnut Flavoured Syrup, Raspberry Blackcurrant Juice, Honey Vanilla Flavoured Sauce, Mango passion Fruit Juice Blend, Bar Mocha Powder, Tiramisu Sauce etc
Forever Living Imports8Forever Vision, Forever Kids, Forever Pro-6 etc
Amway India5Nutrilite Cal Mag-D, Nutrilite Bio C, Nutrilite Iron Folic Tablets, Nutrilite Natural B Tablets etc
Herba life2Food Supplement – Nite works, Formula 2 Multivitamin, Mineral & Herbal Tablets, Herbal Calcium Tablets etc
Field Fresh Foods (Del Monte)3Egg mayonnaise/ Salad dressing variants, Hot Sauce ( Proprietary Food), Natural vinegar
Bausch and Lomb Eyecare1Ocuvite Soft gels
Biocon Limited2Bromelain, Trypchym
Biomax Network1Colostrum Protein Product( Receptol)
Dukes Consumer Care1Chocolate Made Using Vegetable fat ( 5 Products)
Ferrero India1Proprietary product Milky and Cocoa Spreads with cereals and milk chocolate
General Mills India (Pillsbury, Betty Crocker)1Choco Lava Cake
Girnar Food and Beverages1Kesavi Dry Fruit Masala Milk Premix
Goodrich Car bohydrate2Goodrich Cheez delite, Cooking Delite
Kellogg’s India1Kellogg’s Special K-Red Berries
Oriflame India3Wellness Multivitamin & Minerial women Tablets, Swedish Beauty Complex, Wellness Swedish Beauty Complex Plus
Ranbaxy Laboratories2Revital Capsule, Revital Senior tablets, revital Women Tablets, Revital Tablet
McCain Foods India1Battered Pepper and Cheese Bites
Venky’s2Chicken Arabic Style Kofta, Crispy Chicken Burger Patty


Other than these, there are many other pharmaceutical, nutritional products that are rejected.


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  1. plz tell more about those pharmaceutical, nutritional products that are rejected..thank you for informative and interesting article.


  3. Natarajan chellappan on

    I wonder why these products continue to sell in India. Why there is no law to cease these products from its existence in the Indian the market space ?

    • First of all, public also should have common sense that not to buy products like Maggi, Coca-Cola, Pensi etc which are not good for health and not made in India. Be Indian By Indian.

    • Hi Santosh, Reason for Amway products rejection is because of the excessive vitamin C content in bio-c, Excessive calcium content in Cal-mag D. There is a deviation in the RDA, India from that of WHO. Amway follows WHO regulations so this happened in India. Absolutely no problem with Nutrilite. They have stopped the supply now. Not sure if Amway might revise their content composition inline with FSSAI. But Amway will not want to loose its No.1 positions in the health suppliments market. So, I think they might not revise & will challenge FSSAI.

      However, loyal customer base of Amway is importing Nutrilite from US, UK markets.

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  6. May we please know the following:
    1. What is the Recommended Dietary Allowance(RDA) stated as per the Indian Law and
    2. What was the date (infact the year), when Indian RDA was last updated (It used to be updated because of the change in the lifestyle, eating habbits and the quality of vegetables, environment factors etc has ever been changing.)

    That would put some light and many of us can get some answers.

    Thanks in Advance.

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  9. i have a doubt ..once the product comes to market.. why does the government doesnt check it..because maggi was came..before many years but now only the product is inspected.its our request to check every product.

  10. This is surprising. Why is even the rejected products available in market? If FSSAI rejects a product for any company who is approving them to sell it in the Indian market.

    This is ridiculous. Immediate attention and action required for the same.

  11. Sir some of the medicines in this list like fourrts B tablets by fourtts laboratories are even now available in the market and the doctors are still prescribing it why is this happening even after it has been rejected by fssai?

  12. My mother in law has been prescribed recently with amways nutrilite cal and mag D and nutrilite iron and folic acid tablets by her family doctor.The doctor gave it as a six months package for a sum of Rs.5000. Sir my doubt is whether a doctor can prescribe amways products that too after it has been rejected by fssai?

    • Hi, you can very well continue with cal mag d as it is all safe. Fssai perhaps has the old status of food RDA and hope it comes out with results soon.

    • Vitamin tablets are considered as Food supplements so they are not need to follow the stringent procedure followed for medicines. these are nasty shortcuts used by companies and governments to dump stuff on common man.. we need to be very careful..

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  14. So why now . Fassai was sleeping till now. Why these products allowed in market first of all. Now these are big brands why they are being questioned now. All this is politics.

  15. it is just modi’s drama for his goal to reduce the use of American products. thow in a couple of indian companies to avoid suspicion. cheap trics

    • Stop gossiping here you fools, If you really want to know about Nutrilite, first try to know the Profile of Nutrilite and if possible visit the NHI, California.
      Its pioneer in Worlds history & will remain always.

  16. FSSAI is a scam organisation formed specifically to fleece manufacturers & traders. FSSAI certification does not ensure food safety & provides no value addition to both consumers & manufacturers. I myself am paying anywhere between Rs.4000 to Rs. 8000 as bribe every year for renewal of the certificate. Considering that even very small eateries & traders are not exempt, bribe money alone runs into many crores. Corrupt officers simply take money & issue certificate without even visiting production areas. One officer even said that he had paid many lakhs to get the job & he has every right to demand bribe. FSSAI should be done away with & we should revert back to the old system of industry specific certification like PFA, MMPO, FPO etc. which offers a fairly decent inspection & testing regime benefiting both manufacturers & consumers.

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