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Government’s support to the Olympians is a meager Rs 49.23 Crore


Under the TOP scheme for supporting Olympic medal prospects, the government’s total support to over 150 athletes is a meager Rs 49.23 crore. Gymnast Dipa Karmakar received Rs 2 lakh under this scheme while Wrestler Sakshi Malik received Rs 12 lakh.


The Indian contingent to Rio 2016 Olympics is struggling to better the 2012 record of 6 medals. The government’s apathy to sports promotion in the country is often cited as one of the reasons for the dismal state of affairs. Data presented by the government in the parliament indicates that a total of Rs 49.23 crore was released by the government to more than 150 athletes, most of who qualified for the Olympics.

Dipa Karmakar received only Rs 2 Lakh under the TOP Scheme

Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports came up with the Target Olympic Podium (TOP) Scheme with the objective of identifying and supporting potential medal prospects for 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games. The selected athletes are provided financial assistance for their customised training at Institutes with world class facilities and other necessary support.

As per the data available with the government, a total of Rs 49.23 crore rupees has been released as financial assistance to over 150 athletes under the TOP scheme and through the relevant sports federations. Only one athlete Abhinav Bindra was given more than Rs 2 crore while 9 other athletes were given more than crore rupees each. Being an expensive sport, nine of the ten athletes who received an assistance of more than a crore each are Shooters. Only Vikas Gowda (Discus Throw) received more than a crore among others. The only Indian Bronze medalist from India so far Sakshi Malik received more than Rs 12 lakh in assistance. The only Indian Gymnast to reach an Olympic final Dipa Karmakar received only Rs 2 lakh under the TOP scheme.

Indian Government support to Olympians_number of athletes by amount of assistance

13 of the 49 recognized Sports Federations are headed by Politicians

As per the official version, the various National Sports Federations (NSFs) are responsible and accountable for the overall management, direction, control, regulation, promotion, development of respective sports for taking corrective steps to overcome deficiencies detected in their respective sports disciplines. At present, there are 49 National Sports Federations which have the recognition of the Government of India. 13 out of the 49 are headed by Politicians from various political parties like the Congress, BJP, NCP etc. Bureaucrats, Businessmen & Politicians head more than a half of these federations.

NSFs are bodies registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860/Companies Act. NSFs are required to submit their accounts, duly audited by the Chartered Accounts in the panel of Comptroller & Auditor General of India. Financial assistance is extended to the NSFs under the Scheme of Assistance to NSFs.

NSFs received assistance of Rs 390.48 crore in 3 years

The various NSFs received a total of Rs 390.48 crore in the last 3 years (203-14 to 2015-16) under the scheme of assistance to NSFs. The National Rifle Association of India received an assistance of more than Rs 50 crore in these 3 years. Hockey India received Rs 38.26 crore. Gymnastics Federation of India received Rs 3.95 crore. Tennis Ball Cricket Federation of India received Rs 28.5 lakh.

Indian Government support to Olympians_assistance to various nsfs in crores


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