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What does the Government propose to change with the new RTI Rules?


The government has come up with new draft rules of RTI superseding the 2012 rules. While the draft has some positive elements, there are some serious issues with the proposed changes.

There have been news in various quarters that the Government of India has proposed to amend the Right to Information (RTI) rules that were last amended in 2012. Among other things, there was news about the government proposing to increase the application fee etc. While there is no mention of application fee increase in the new draft rules, there are some serious issues with the proposed changes.

2012 Rules Vs Proposed Draft Rules of 2017

new draft rules of RTI_rules comparison 1new draft rules of RTI_rules comparison 2
As noted by Venkatesh Nayak of the CHRI, the draft rules are also silent on other issues like the procedure for deciding first appeals, rules for deciding appeals in life and liberty cases, time limit for CIC to decide cases, increasing convenience for fee payments, procedure for penalty proceedings, clarity of procedure to be followed in non-compliance cases etc.

Views to be sent by 15th April, 2017

The government has invited suggestions on these draft rules by 15th April 2017. Those desirous of sending their feedback can do so via e-mail to


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