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Get Information about every Toll Plaza in the country (Rates and other details) from the Toll Information System


The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) recently extended a cash reward of Rs 10,000 to Mr. Prashant Burge from Karnataka for exposing excess toll collection. Information on Toll rates and other relevant details are often hard to find. The National Highways Toll Information System (NHTIS) is a one stop portal for all the information about toll plazas in the country.


The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) recently awarded Mr. Prashant Burge for exposing overcharging by a Toll Plaza operator in Belgaum, Karnataka. The toll plaza operator was charging five rupees in excess of the approved rate. Prashant Burge used RTI to expose this and NHAI immediately stopped the collection of excess fee.  Also, the excess collection of Rs. 1.8 crore was recovered from the Toll Agency and as a corrective measure; notice boards came up on all toll booths, displaying that the excess user fee of Rs. 5/- can be collected by the passengers. This may not be only case of overcharging at a toll plaza. There could be multiple other cases where the toll operator could be overcharging the passengers. Hence it is important to be aware of the toll plaza rates before one begins a journey. The National Highways Toll Information System (NHTIS) provides all the required information regarding various toll plazas across the country.

The Toll Plaza Information System

NHAI is responsible for the development, maintenance and management of National Highways entrusted to it. National Highways across the country are built either in the EPC or BOT or PPP mode. Once the highway is built, Toll Plazas are setup and rates are fixed by the government. The operation of the toll plaza is entrusted to a private party. These private parties man the toll plazas across the country and collect the toll amount as decided by the government from time to time. The NHTIS has all the information about any toll plaza in the country. The portal has information on all the toll plazas are mapped and coloured based on the mode in which they are built. One can also download an android application of the NHTIS.

national highways toll infomation system_find toll plaza_

How to find a Toll Plaza?

There are multiple ways one can find a specific toll plaza from the NHTIS portal. One can search using the name of the toll plaza or find toll plazas between any two places on the national highway. For e.g., there are eight (8) toll plazas between Hyderabad & Bengaluru and the total one way charge is Rs 599.

national highways toll infomation system_toll plaza between stations

What all information is available about each Toll Plaza?

The portal has the following information about each toll plaza. Here is the information about a toll plaza at Gamjal in Telangana on the Hyderabad – Nagpur Highway.

national highways toll infomation system_portal_

The portal also has details of the average traffic per day and cumulative toll revenue among other details. The rates are revised frequently and it is best to check the latest rate revision order to find the latest rate.

Toll Plaza details through SMS

Toll Rates can also be accessed through mobile phones by sending SMS to 56070 with predefined text messages in the following format

  • To get list of toll plaza(s) and their respective Toll Plaza ID on particular NH within a State
    • TIS < State Code>  < NH No. >
    • State Code should be Two Character Code of respective State as per Vehicle Registration No. of respective State viz. DL for Delhi, HR for Haryana, TS for Telangana, MH for Maharashtra, GJ for Gujarat and so on
    • The system will return a SMS with list of toll plaza(s) and their respective Toll Plaza ID
  • To get applicable toll rates on a particular toll plaza.
    • TIS < Toll Plaza ID >
    • The system will return a SMS with Toll Rates of the respective Toll Plaza.

Here is how you can make a complaint if you find a discrepancy

If you find any discrepancy in the toll fee collected or have any other complaint about the operation of the toll plaza, there are multiple ways you can take this to the notice of the NHAI.

  • Leave feedback on the portal.
  • Make a complaint on the NHAI toll free number 1800-1160-62
  • Lodge a grievance on the PG Portal under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways
  • Make a complaint to the respective Project Director whose details can be found from the NHTIS portal

The NHAI is also extending cash reward of up to Rs 25,000 for information about corruption in NHAI or its projects. This is the scheme under which Prashant Burge was rewarded.

Regular Updates on the Portal

Regular updates about various new rules, circulars are also posted on the portal. For instance, there is a circular issued in July 2014 on curbing wrong practices & checking the performance of the toll collection contractors. According to this circular, toll contractors are prohibited from giving Namkeen/Coffee/Wafer packets instead of giving change for the balance amount while paying the toll fee. The penalty for such practices is also enhanced to Rs 10 lakh apart from possible termination of the contract. The circular also talks about the contractor giving ads in local newspapers for returning the change in case Namkeen/Coffee/Wafer packets are given instead of change.

national highways toll infomation system_portal updates_

Each Toll plaza operator is also instructed to put up placards in the following format for providing information to the passengers.

national highways toll infomation system_placard format_


Featured Image: By Rsrikanth05 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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  1. Rakesh, the write-up is very good. Can we get info on how much the promoter spent, what were the sources of funding – public or private, what was the cost of funds, how much the promoter company spent from own resources, what is the notional revenue over whatever time period given….

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    I want to allow fee toll at Surjapur (Between Dalkhola & Kishanganj), Purnea (Dist.Purnea), Araria, Kosi Mahasetu, Fulparsh and Sakri (All in Bihar State). I am Insurance Surveyor and regularly visited at above mention toll plaza for get service to Accident vehicle at spot. Kindly exempted my car. Thanks, SWARAJ KUMAR, Sri Nagar Road, Janta Chowk, Purnea (Bihar)-854301

  4. i want to know how long will this toll collection be proceeded and when will this toll contract terminates ,how many years will the toll plaza be?

  5. the toll plaza within chennai limit is great burden to the road user apart from paying all taxes.It is the responsibility of the government to provide basic infrastructure rather than favouring private ventures.The people has to condemn the toll collection in mass support at respective toll plazas in order to get rid from the burden.

  6. For how many yrs Toll will be collected on Ahmedabad Vadodara Expressway. Also, earlier they were issuing multiple entry Toll passes on the Expressway valid for 24 hrs which has been stopped after IRB completed and started NH 8 between Vadodara & Ahmedabad which is much higher than the Toll at Expressway.

  7. More and more toll Road are welcome but Govt should exempt Road/registration fee of passenger cars.

  8. Shashikant Patel on

    Toll plaza on Ahmedabad Vadodara express NE1 is not issue return ticket for any vehicle from April 2016. Do you know? If it is correct then please give me copy of circular for no issue of return ticket.

  9. Shashikant patel on

    Good job I appreciate…. Now I want to know the Express highway no 1 Ahmedabad to Vadodara (Gujarat) is collecting Toll charges 95.00 for single entry. They’re not issue return ticket so public is punished for again to pay RS.95.00 for return journey. So I may kindly request you to reply me ….. why not issue return ticket?

    • It is an important information for public
      We are aware about NHAI. Please send me I am interested to know and guide public
      I’m retired civil engineer n worked in Gujarat state PWD. SO Please send me

  10. Sir my question is how toll tax is collected from us either for 12 hrs / 24 hrs or for single / return journey, please clarify

  11. I had just received a whatapp msg which claims that including 1way and 2 way trip ticket there is something call 12 hrs. If you are sure that you will return within 12 hrs then you need not pay on your return. This will help you to reduce your burden of buying 2 way ticket. Is there such provision?
    Another question is : can a road within the city limit be made as toll. We have toll plaza in chennai city limit.

  12. road national highways 50 pune to nashik tool palaja at shinde palsa betmam nashik sineer chareg tool the road construction work is not completed mor than 50 % work is pending how the tool is start when road is not compleat

  13. NHAI Portal is not working properly useful information required to public is always missing in such portals or not working


    Please let me know the status of 12 hours and 24 hours charges.I traveled through Morinda-Kurali-Siswan toll plaza on 16/6/2018 at 11:30:31 via car number PB65AK6910 and paid Rs.96 as charges for 24 hours. On the same day when I tried to cross the same toll at 13:37:34 with the same car number I was again asked to pay Rs.96 as the earlier receipt has been expired by just one trip. This way I was left with no option but to pay for the second trip on the same day within 12 hours. Please clarify and ask the toll staff to refund the excess amount charged. Thanks.


    At many TOLL PLAZAS I noticed that due to long ques a car burns more than 1-1.25 Litre of Petrol which costs around 80-100 Rupees and certainly its a big loss of foreign currency to the NATION. Moreover on a fluent National Highway it takes around 45 minutes extra travel time on travel of around 300 kms. At the time of purchase a customer is required to pay ROAD TAX for what? If still TOLL is must to collect in building of ROADS, One more tax in respect of TOLL may be charged at the time of Purchase of Vehicle to make the highways hassle free. On NH-8 (Jaipur-Delhi) speed of cars has been fixed to maximum of 80 KMPH and most of the cars are intercepted by the incerecepter which really seems a big hurdle in driving as most of the cars runs on this highway at 100-120 KMPH.

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  18. Dear Customer,
    In light of COVID-19 nationwide lockdown by GOI, NHAI has ordered temporary suspension of toll collection at all National Highways toll plazas across India from March 26, 2020, 0900 hrs till the lockdown period.Dear Customer,

    Dear Customer, Your FasTag Account has been debited Rs. 125 for transaction for Vehicle RJ27CG0828 at Toll Negadiya Toll Plaza on 2020-03-26T11:17:26