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Digitally simulated video shared as fireworks display in Mumbai


A fireworks video is being shared widely across many social media platforms. The text seen along with the video is- ‘1 min, 45 seconds of fireworks in Borivali, West Mumbai. This show is the first of its kind in the world (spherical pyrotechnics) Worth seeing … one of the World’s best fireworks display. PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO’. Let’s analyze the authenticity of that claim.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Fireworks display in Borivali, West Mumbai.

Fact: The video doesn’t show a real-life fireworks display, it is a digitally simulated one. Hence, the claim is FALSE. 

When the screenshots of the video were subjected to reverse image search technique, many search results of it were obtained. From those search results, it was found that the same video was doing the rounds on social media with different versions. Those search results can be seen here, here and here. During the search process, the same video was found to be uploaded by a YouTube channel ‘MediaByJJ’ in 2013. In the description of the video, the uploader has stated that he has created the fireworks display shown in the video and synchronized the music of ‘Heart of Courage’ to it using a software tool ‘FWSim’ Fireworks Display. When you go through the ‘About’ section of that channel, it was found that ‘MediaByJJ’ is a channel that delivers content in the form of gaming videos, firework displays, nature content, videos about life, etc.

FWsim’ is a fireworks simulator that allows users to create firework displays by synchronizing music to it. So, the video doesn’t show a real-life fireworks display, it is actually a digitally created fireworks display.

To sum it up, the video shared as a fireworks display in Mumbai is actually a digitally simulated one.

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