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Digitally rendered clip of a giant fish attacking a ship shared as real-life footage from Canada


A video clip of a giant fish breaking a ship in half is being shared on social media, claiming that this attack was captured in Canada. The post’s description reads, ‘Fish attack from Canada.’ Let’s fact-check this claim through this article.

Claim: Visuals of a giant fish attacking a ship in Canada.

Fact: The video in the viral post is a digitally rendered animation clip created by an artist named ‘aleksey.’ Hence the claim made in the post is False.

We ran the video through the InVid tool to obtain a few keyframes of the viral video. Then we performed a reverse image search using a few of those, which led us to a few media reports (here and here) containing this video clip’s screenshots.

According to ‘The Sun‘, this animated CGI video clip was created by a digital video creator named ‘aleksey.’ ‘The animated CGI video has over nine million likes on TikTok and imagines how a giant megalodon-like shark would destroy a modern boat.‘ the sun wrote.

Aleksey, who has 434K followers on Instagram (@aleksey__n), uploaded the video on that social media platform on 9 March 2023 with the caption ‘Meg🦈.’

To sum up, a creative animated visualisation of a giant shark, Megalodon attacking a ship is shared as real-life footage captured in Canada.


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