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Delhi Police personnel were not burning the bus in the viral video


A video and its screenshots are being shared widely on social media with a claim that the Delhi Police personnel were burning a bus and framing the protestors. Let’s try to analyze the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Video of Delhi Police personnel burning the bus. 

Fact: The Police personnel in the video were trying to douse the fire. The same bus was found in the depot in the same condition as in the video. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

By looking at the video, it can be observed that the police were extinguishing the fire on one side and pouring something into the bus. It is not clear from the video as to what was being poured. Some people on social media mistook it to be some fuel, which they thought was used by the Police to set the bus on fire. Even Manish Sisodia has tweeted blaming the Delhi Police.

In the video, the bus number can be seen, which is ‘DL 1PD 0299’.  If the bus was burnt by the Police, then the bus should have been charred. But, in a video uploaded by ‘India TV’ on 16th December 2019 regarding the incident, the bus was found to be in the same condition as seen in the viral video. It confirms that the Police personnel were not pouring fuel on the bus and did not set fire to it later. Journalist Rahul Kanwal has also tweeted the pictures of the bus saying that ‘the bus which Delhi Police supposedly set on fire is safe in the yard’.

Talking to media, the police officials Chinmoy Biswal (DCP of South-East Delhi) and Mandeep Randhawa (Delhi Police PRO) clarified that the police were just dousing the fire and have asked the people not spread the rumours.

Another tweet by Barkha Dutt which includes a video by MOJO STORY terms this as fake news. The video includes the version of the police officer in question along with the eyewitnesses version.

To sum it up, the Delhi Police personnel were not burning the bus in the viral video.

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  2. S.farrukh javef on

    this can be forged easily there are many buses of same colour and design at same time police can exchange with make some necessarry changes.
    what they were doing in the bus they have to answer this first.

  3. There is another video of police pouring chemicals out of a plastic bottle into bus seats lmao Goodjob you took the modi money and believed the words of a cop on the crime of a cop lmao