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An old video of a protest in Haryana is being falsely shared as the latest video from Kashmir


A post with a video of some protesters being dragged by Police personnel from a protest site has gone viral on Facebook. The video is being shared with the claim that it shows the latest situation in Kashmir. Let’s check the authenticity of the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Video shows the latest situation in Kashmir.    

Fact: The video shows a protest by Junior Basic Training (JBT) teachers in Haryana. It has nothing to do with Jammu & Kashmir. Hence, the claim made in the post stands FALSE.

The person narrating about the incident in the video says that ‘the visuals show the JBT teachers being dragged at Karnal’. When searched with keywords, the search results were obtained about the Junior Basic Training (JBT) teachers protest in Haryana. Also, ‘Karnal’ was found to be a place in Haryana. At the -0:25 seconds in the video, a minibus can be seen with the text (in Hindi) ‘Haryana Police Karnal’ on it. So, clearly the video is from the state of Haryana and not Jammu & Kashmir as claimed in the post.

From the ‘Tribune’ article dated 6 June 2017, it was found that JBT teachers of Haryana state have gone on strike fearing loss of their jobs due to the revised merit list, issued on the directions of Punjab and Haryana High Court.

It can also be noted that the post was a live video made on Facebook. So the person could have played this old video on his device and recorded the same through Facebook live.

To conclude, an old video of a protest by JBT teachers in Haryana is being falsely shared as the latest live video of Kashmir.

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  1. Muhammad Ramzan on

    You so-called fact finders are embodiments of falsehood yourselves unfortunately. My sharings are truely fact based latest happenings in occupied Kashmir.

    • Nisar Hussain Khan on

      Soooorrry for that I didn’t have information about that I was just share for showing human violation in india. Free Kashmir

  2. Sorry. Actually I now that it’s not Kashmir but it is from anywhere. I shared it unjudgely for wake up Indian people…
    And I also suggest friends to don’t share any video without judgement

  3. Raja Haroon Kiani Gakhar on

    Well if India allows In-dependant verification of what is happening in Occupied Kashmir then there wont be any “Fake news”

  4. Mohamed Sahmoude on

    RAJA HAROON KIANI GAKHAR: exactly: why India doesn’t allow an independent investigation, and do the same process to Israel also, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain..

  5. But we cannot deny this That what is happening in Kashmir is worse than ۔.India remember Allah help with Muslims ❤❤❤
    Inshallah Kashmir will become Pakistan

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