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An old image from Spain falsely shared as ‘protests in U.S. for improper handling the COVID-19 pandemic’


An image is being shared on social media with a claim that the people in the USA gathered in large numbers to protest against the government for its incompetency in handling the COVID-19 pandemic. FACTLY has found that the image shared in the post was shot during a protest in Spain which took place in 2017. The people of Spain protested against their government in support of refugees. Carrying a banner – “Prou Excuses! Acollim Ara!” which means “Enough Excuses! Take them in now!”, they demanded their government to take in refugees who fled the war in Syria and other violent conflicts. Some reports can be found regarding Americans giving poor ratings to Trump administration in handling the COVID19 pandemic, but the posted photo has nothing to do with any such protests.

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