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AI-Generated Image Falsely Portrayed as a Real Chinese Drone Toilet Unit


An image resembling a potential drone toilet unit is circulating on social media with a claim that China has developed a drone mobile toilet that can be summoned at any time for immediate use. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

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Claim: China developed a mobile drone toilet that can be summoned at any time for immediate use.

Fact: This image is not real but generated by AI using Mid Journey software. There are no reports of implementing a concept like a drone toilet anywhere. Hence, the claim made in the post is FALSE.

First, we conducted a comprehensive search across various Chinese media outlets (here, here, and here) to investigate whether any news reports or discussions regarding a drone toilet unit existed. However, despite our thorough efforts, we were unable to find any media reports or discussions that substantiated the existence of a drone toilet.

During our investigation, we did encounter reports of drones being deployed for diverse purposes, including the delivery of goods, food items, and even toilet paper, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic period. Nevertheless, we found no evidence or reports indicating the implementation of drone toilets in any context.

However, we subsequently came across the work of a digital artist named Jyo John Mulloor. On 15 May 2023, along with the current viral image, he also shared over 30 images of drone toilet units on his Facebook page. Notably, he explicitly stated that these images were generated using an artificial intelligence program called Midjourney.

Additionally, he also shared AI-generated images featuring various historical figures, sports personalities, and movie artists in different scenarios on his Facebook page.

Based on this evidence, it can be inferred that while the concept of drone toilets is intriguing, the viral image circulating online is, in fact, not a real image but rather an AI-generated one.

To sum it up, the image shared as a genuine depiction of a Chinese drone toilet unit is, in fact, an AI-generated representation of a futuristic mobile toilet model.


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