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A CGI video of an octopus crushing a car is shared as a real incident that happened in Qatar


A dramatic video of an octopus demolishing a car has caught the attention of social media users. The video, claimed to be a real incident that occurred in Qatar, shows a sea monster-like octopus destroying a car. Let’s fact-check this claim through his article.

Claim: A real-life octopus crushed a car in Qatar.

Fact: The video is a work of computer-generated imagery (CGI) created by an artist named Alex Z. The original video can be found on his Instagram account, where he describes the process of making it. Hence, the claim made in the post is False.

Upon initiating a keyword search on the internet, we stumbled upon an Instagram post from 25 September 2023, which showcased the same video of the octopus and the car. The post was made by an individual named Alex Z, who is a computer graphics artist.

In the Instagram post, Alex Z captioned the CGI video: “When you park like a jackass, a giant alien octopus comes and crushes your car.” Further in the description, he expanded on the compositing process used to create the video and stated that he used Nuke, a compositing and visual effects software, instead of After Effects.

Clearly, the video was not a real-life capture but instead a creative output of Alex Z (here and here) using computer graphics. 

To sum up, the trending video of an octopus crushing a car is not a real incident from Qatar but a work of computer graphic artistry by Alex Z.


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