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2017 BJP’s Surat bike rally video is now being circulated with misleading claims


Many Facebook users are sharing a post with a video which shows BJP party workers being taunted by a crowd during their bike rally. Let’s try to analyze the claims made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: BJP party men were taunted by Rohingya and Bangladesh refugees in West Bengal when their bike rally passed through the colonies of these refugees.

Fact: The video is that of BJP’s Surat bike rally during the 2017 Assembly Elections. Hence, the claim is MISLEADING.

When the video in the post is run through Invid, several key frames were obtained. On using Google Reverse Image technique for each key frame with the filter “BJP party men humiliated”, a certain key frame directed to a YouTube video link. The video is found to be similar to the one put in the post. From the description of the video, it is found to be related to the BJP bike rally in Hira street of Surat. To ascertain it, when looked further on YouTube with the keywords “Surat BJP Rally”, then the same video that was uploaded by ABP Asmita News was found and from the description, it can be concluded that the video is related to a BJP bike rally in Surat during the 2017 Gujarat Assembly Elections.

To sum it up, the video is that of BJP party’s Surat bike rally during the 2017 Gujarat Assembly Elections. It did not take place in West Bengal.


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