Taxes you pay on Petrol & Diesel


1. The Central Excise Duty on Petrol increased from Rs 9.48 per liter to a high of Rs 21.48 per liter. In October 2017, the excise duty on Petrol was reduced by Rs 2 per liter, the first such reduction by the BJP government.  On the other hand, the duty on Diesel increased by more than 4 times from Rs 3.56 per liter to a high Rs 17.33 per liter. Like Petrol, the duty was reduced by Rs 2 per liter in October 2017 to Rs 15.33 per liter.

2. The State VAT on petrol is at least 25% in 26 states with the highest in Mumbai at 48.98%. The State VAT on diesel is more than 20% in 15 states and highest of 31.06% in Andhra Pradesh.

3. The central government revenue through excise duty on petrol & diesel more than tripled between 2013-14 and 2016-17. During the same period, the state government revenue through VAT increased marginally. 

4. In the retail selling price of diesel (in Delhi at IOCL as of 09th September 2017), 44.6% is taxes.

5. In the retail selling price of petrol (in Delhi at IOCL as of 09th September 2017), 51.6% is taxes.




  1. This is the simple funda of the Govt : loot the people who can be looted to fill the kofers and then redirect this money to populist schemes. Populist schemes are not bad per se, however routing this money to the contractors and suppliers via these populist schemes is the actual GAME. How would otherwise these big parties manager their cadres ? Think about it …

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