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This video shows people fainted in India due to a gas leak, not due to COVID-19.


A video of people lying on the road has been posted on YouTube with a claim that it shows the COVID-19 situation in India. But, FACTLY has found that the video is related to a gas leak in Vishakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh, India). On 07 May 2020, a gas leak from the LG Polymers chemical plant in Visakhapatnam has resulted in people getting headaches, fainting on the streets, vomiting and even some deaths. The same video was telecasted in relation to the gas leak by many reputed news agencies. So, the video is not related to COVID-19, but to a gas leak.

1. YouTube video (archived)
1. India Today’ video –
2. ‘News 18’ video –
3. ‘The New Indian Express’ article ––3.html

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