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This video of people running away from a gigantic shark is created digitally using Discovery’s Shark Week footage


Update (09 September 2022):

Another similar video is being shared on social media in which a giant Cobra Snake is seen instead of a Gigantic Shark. Similar to the earlier post, in this video, people can be seen running  away from the shore as soon as the tide hits it. The location of this video is the same as the previous viral post, which is the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province. This can be confirmed by comparing the video with the original video which was filmed during the Qiantang river’s tidal bore.

A couple of YouTube creators had uploaded videos explaining the process of how such videos are made. These can be watched here and here.

Published (17 August 2022):

A post that contains a video of a giant shark that jumps out of a waterbody while people on the shore run away is going viral on social media. Let us fact-check this video.

Claim: Video of people standing on the shore running away as a giant Shark jumps out of a waterbody and lashes water towards the coast.

Fact: This is a digitally created video in which a clip of a ‘Great White Shark’ jumping 15 feet out of the water from Discovery’s Shark Week TV show is used. This clip is merged onto a clip of people running away from a tidal wave. Hence the video in the post is FALSE.

After performing a reverse image search on Yandex with the video frames, we found many social media posts with the same video. They can be viewed here, here and here. But we could not trace the source footage. A social media user commented under the post that they watched this shark in Discovery’s Shark Week TV show.

With this hint, we looked for Discovery channel’s videos that match the shark in our post. The videos that we watched can be seen here, here and here. In the third video, we found the exact footage that was used to create the video in the viral post. The video is titled ‘Great White Shark Jumps 15 FEET Out of the Water! | Shark Week.’ The video from 1 minute 6 Seconds matches the video from our post. The comparison between the viral video and the footage from discovery can be seen below.

We searched the internet with relevant keywords to find videos where people run away from the waves. We found a news report by Stuff.com which contained a video showing people running away from tidal water. The location in this video is quite similar to the location in the viral video. This can be seen in the comparison below.

Reportedly this video is filmed in the city of Hangzhou in Zhejiang Province. People visit this place to watch the Qiantang river’s tidal bore slam onto shore in Eastern China.

We also found many other videos on the internet that match the video’s location from the viral post. They can be watched here, here and here. But we could not find the same video.

To summarise, Discovery’s Shark Week footage is used in this digitally created video to make it look like people running away from a gigantic shark.


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