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This Gold plated motorcycle was not gifted to Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia.


A social media post with a video of a sports bike is being shared on social media, with a claim that it is made of 22 Carat Gold. It also claims that the bike was gifted to Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia. Let’s verify this claim through this article.

Claim: The motorcycle in the video is made of 22 Carat Gold and was gifted to Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia.

Fact: This motorcycle belongs to a person named Faisal Abu Sara, who hails from Saudi Arabia. According to him, this motorcycle, which is named ‘The Storm’, has original Gold plating on it but is not completely made with metal Gold. There are no news reports to prove this was gifted to Cristiano Ronaldo. Hence the claim made in the post is False.

Firstly, we performed a keyword search on the internet to check if the motorcycle shown in the video was gifted to Cristiano Ronaldo. It did not lead us to any credible news reports proving that such an event happened in Saudi Arabia. Cristiano Ronaldo is a very popular Football player, things related to him would generally be covered by the media. Since there aren’t any in this case, we can conclude that he was not gifted such a motorcycle and that the information is inaccurate.

However, to learn if the motorcycle was made of 22 Carat Gold, we did further research. While watching the footage, we observed a green cloth behind the motorcycle with an Instagram logo and ‘ faisal_abu_sara’ written on it.

Based on this, we looked for posts related to the motorcycle shown in the video and found plenty of posts with the same motorcycle on Faisal’s Instagram timeline. The bike which is seen in the viral video and this bike are the same. Both of these motorcycles have the same design and ‘ The Storm ‘ (here) written on their pillion, and the number plates also match.

Based on a post by Faisal, in which he revealed this motorcycle on his Instagram, we understand that he hails from Saudi Arabia. When someone in the comments of a post asked him if the Gold on the motorcycle is just colour or if he used real Gold, he said it was coated with real Gold, which means that the metallic parts of the motorcycle’s body are not made of the metal Gold but they just contain a Gold coating.

This contradicts the claim made in the post, which says that the motorcycle is made using 22 Carat Gold. With this evidence, it is clear that the viral post concocts a random story by relating both this motorcycle and Cristiano Ronaldo to spread misinformation. Faisal was interviewed by a channel named Roya Sports, which featured his motorcycle ‘ The Storm’. One can watch the interview here and here. One can see this motorcycle behind him in the screengrab of the interview, which we attached below.

We also contacted Faisal to know if 22 Carat Gold (coating) was used to make this motorcycle and are awaiting a response from his side. This article will be updated once we receive a response.

To sum up, the motorcycle seen in the video just contains original goal coating, is not completely made of gold, and was not gifted to Cristiano Ronaldo.


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