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There is no such ‘Scooty Yojana’ scheme launched by the Modi Government


A video alleging that the Modi government has launched a ‘Scooty Yojana’ scheme has been viral on YouTube and is being shared on social media platforms. Let’s try to analyze the claim made in the post.

The archived version of the post can be seen here.

Claim: Modi government has launched ‘Scooty Yojana’ scheme to distribute scooters to all the girls across the country, who passed 10th standard. 

Fact: There is no such ‘Scooty Yojana’ scheme launched by the Central Government. In Tamilnadu, there is ‘Amma Scooter Scheme’ but the beneficiaries are restricted to that state itself. In Jammu & Kashmir, also, there is such a scheme but the beneficiaries are covered within that state. Hence, the claims made in the post stands FALSE.   

When googled to check if there is any such scheme as claimed in the post, no supporting information was found. If Modi has launched such a scheme nationwide, it would have been reported in all the major newspapers across the country. When searched on government websites to check the details about the scheme, no such scheme was found. Usually, when Central Government launches any scheme, information about it would be released through ‘Press Information Bureau’. When searched for the press release about the scheme, no such thing was found.

Last year, newspapers have reported that Modi has launched ‘Amma Scooty Yojana’ in Tamilnadu. As per the scheme, working women who intend to purchase a scooter will be given a subsidy of 50% or Rs 25,000 in cash. ‘Amma Scooty Yojana’ is a Tamilnadu state-sponsored scheme and beneficiaries within the state can avail it. In 2016, the Jammu & Kashmir government has also launched a scooty scheme that aims to provide scooters to the girls who are going to college. This scheme is also a state-sponsored scheme and beneficiaries are restricted to within the state.

Not only Tamil Nadu and J&K, even Rajasthan has its own scooty scheme. In Rajasthan, there are two schemes under which scooty vehicles are given: ‘Medhavi Chathra Scooty Yojana’ and ‘Devnarayan Chathra Scooty Yojana’. Each scheme has its own set of eligibility criteria but both of them are state-specific schemes under the Rajasthan State Government. So, these schemes are also not related to any ‘Scooty scheme’ which is nation-wide.

To summarise, the Modi government hasn’t launched any ‘Scooty Yojana’ scheme that distributes scooters to girls across the country. 

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