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The person beaten in this video is neither a ‘Naga Sadhu’ nor was beaten by a ‘Muslim’


video of a person beating a naked man is being shared on social media with a claim that a Muslim man is beating a saint. But, FACTLY found that the information shared in the post about the video is false. The name of the person who was being beaten in the video is ‘Somanath’; police have said that he works as a snake charmer in Dehradun. In 2018, police tweeted about the incident and said that when Somanath went to beg dressed as a ‘Naga Sadhu’ and misbehaved with a woman, he was beaten up by the woman’s brother, ‘Subham’. Subham is not a Muslim. Therefore, the person who was seen beaten up in the video is neither a ‘Naga Sadhu’ nor the person who beat him is a ‘Muslim’. 

Claim Facebook post (archived)    
1. Dehradun police tweet – https://twitter.com/DehradunSsp/status/1035195417758056449
2. Dehradun police tweet – https://twitter.com/DehradunSsp/status/1036204730781917189

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