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Wife & Husband seen in this video both are from the Muslim community


Video of a man thrashing his wife over lighting candles during their son’s birthday celebration is being widely shared on social media claiming that he is a Muslim while his wife is a Hindu and this incident exposes ‘love jihad’. Let’s verify the claim made in the post.

Claim: Video of a Muslim man thrashing his Hindu wife over lighting the candles during their son’s birthday celebration.

Fact: The couple seen in the video are ‘Mohammad Mushtaq’ and ‘Ayesha Banu’ from Bengaluru. Both are Muslims and were married since 2009. This incident took place in 2015 during their son’s birthday. Mushtaq beat Ayesha for lighting birthday candles even before he’s ready. Also, Mushtaq and his family used to harass Ayesha over dowry. Ayesha is now living with her son and waiting to get divorce from Mushtaq. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

We searched the internet with relevant keywords and found a news reports by India Today , Divya Marathi and Times of India from October 2022.

According to these reports, the incident took place in the year 2015. The man seen in the video is ‘Mohammad Mushtaq’. The woman is his wife ‘Ayesha Banu’, and they got married in 2009. Mushtaq works in an IT company in Bengaluru. They had a son named ‘Shahran’ who is born in 2013. Reportedly, Mushtaq and his family used to harass Ayesha for dowry. In 2015, when the couple were celebrating their son’s birthday in a hotel, Ayesha lit the candles on the cake while Mushtaq was setting up the camera. Due to this, he got furious and beat Ayesha badly. This incident was recorded on camera. Ayesha was living separately for the last few years. She filed a domestic violence case against her husband and alleged that no action was taken against him till now. Mushtaq refused to give divorce to Ayesha but married another woman. Video of Ayesha explaining the situation can be seen here.

When this video went viral in October 2022, Delhi Commission for Women complained to CM of Karnataka to look into this matter seriously and do justice to Ayesha.

In 2021, Karnataka High Court had said that a Muslim wife can take custody of her only minor child when she is living separately from her in-laws due to her husband’s second marriage. The copy of the judgment can be here. It is clearly written in the judgment that both Ayesha and Mushtaq belong to Muslim Community.

 To sum it up, the couple seen in the video belong to Muslim community. There is no ‘love jihad’ angle in this incident.


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