Why support us?
We strive to tell you the facts. At Factly, every news story powers you with information that is true, compelling and open to be challenged. We pursue facts without fear or favour. We want to create an ecosystem that allows the common man in India to have access to important public information/data that she/he can engage, understand and strive to make it better.

In the past two odd years, we have evolved into a mature & comprehensive digital platform for public information with content created in various formats such as stories, infographics, videos & data/information tools. We believe it is about time to expand our horizons and resources. We are ready to partner with each one of you and be accountable with what we create. Are you ready to support us?

Here are some frequently asked questions that you might want to look at before supporting us

Is Factly not-for-profit?
No. We are a for-profit entity registered as Factly Media & Research.

What are Factly’s current sources of funding?

  • Initial investment from the founders
  • Consulting & small research project assignments on Open Data
  • Grants for specific projects
  • Subscriptions from readers

Why does Factly want readers to support?
Your support will enable us invest in more resources (human & technology) to create more content & tools, there by accelerating the reach of facts, information & data that is important & useful to the common man.

Do I get a tax exemption when I contribute to Factly?
No. Since we are a for-profit entity, you do not get a tax exemption. We could send you a receipt or confirmation of your support.

What are the different forms of monetary support?