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DECODE (English)| S1E6 – What is the Model Code of Conduct? What can a citizen do?


In the 6th episode, we discuss the Model Code of Conduct. The Model Code of Conduct (MCC) is a set of guidelines & rules to be followed by political parties and contesting candidates once the election schedule is announced. It has guidelines in four broad categories

    • General Conduct
    • Meetings & Processions
    • Guidelines for Polling Day
    • Rules for the party in power

In addition, there are loose guidelines on manifestos, social media etc.

Model Code of Conduct:

cVigil App:

List of Observers:

National Grievance Service of ECI:

List of MCC violation reports during the current election:

Detailed Story on what the Model Code of Conduct:

Explainer Video on MCC:

For more in depth information on elections & election related issues, visit this page 

The 17th General elections to the Lok Sabha (2019) are just around the corner. In this season of DECODE, we will talk about all the issues important to elections starting from voter registration, election history, political parties, election funding, relevant laws, model code of conduct, affidavits to be filed by candidates, about NOTA, women representation in elections, Voter cheatsheet, Manifestos etc.

DECODE is about simplifying complex issues related to government policy, government rules and many other issues related to government, that are useful to the common man.


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