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An edited video is being shared as ‘KGF craze in America’


A video is being shared by a few Facebook users with the claim ‘KGF craze in America’.  The video shows fans going crazy when Kannada movie ’KGF’ is being played on a big screen. Let’s analyze the authenticity of that claim.

The archived version of the post can be found here.

Claim: Kannada movie, ‘KGF’ craze in America.

Fact: The video shared as ‘KGF craze in America’ is an edited video of England football fans celebrating their team’s win against Wales. So, the claim made in the post is FALSE.   

When the video in the post was fragmented using ‘Invid’ plugin and those keyframes were subjected to Google reverse image search, many search results of it were obtained. Those search results can be seen here, here and here. All those search results had the same set of audience but the things being played on the big screen were different, one shows a football match, another shows a baseball match and the third search result shows a movie being played on the screen. In the comments section of the post, a user commented that the video is actually that of a football match. With that information, when one goes back to the search result of a football match being shown on the big screen, the description of was- ‘Fans watching Euro 2016 on the big screen at Ashton Gate stadium celebrate Daniel Sturridge’s late winner for England against Wales’.

So, when searched on Google with keywords ‘England fans celebrate win against Wales, Bristol’, the search result of ‘BBC West’ that had a similar video in its Facebook post was found. The information in the post confirms that the original video is that of England football fans celebrating their team’s win against Wales while watching it on the big screen. 

To sum it up, an edited video is being shared as ‘KGF craze in America’. The original video shows England football fans at Bristol celebrating their team’s win against Wales.

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